April 1-4

A domestic dispute was reported on South Market Street.

An unruly juvenile was reported on Hensley Avenue.

A report was made of shot fired on Dawsett Avenue, the area was then cleared.

There was a hit/skip accident reported at Firelands Federal Credit Union.

A fight was reported at a party on Smith Street.

Officers cited a guy for a stop sign violation on South Street.

There was a suspicious person reported on Carter Drive, area was cleared.

A report was made by a neighbor on a domestic dispute on Galion Arms Court.

There was an accident with an injury reported on North Market Street.

A two vehicle accident was reported on Brandt Road.

A barking dog complaint was made on Sunnyside Drive.

An ambulance was called for a fall on Harding Way East.

Information provided by the Galion Police Department.

Information provided by the Galion Police Department.