St. Paul UMC hosts 6th Annual Cleaning Supply Bucket Drive

Helping American Natural Disaster Victims

GALION — On March 27, Galion Saint Paul United Methodist Church kicks off the 6th annual national humanitarian supply drive for Americans impacted by natural disaster. Here is a snap shot of the types of disasters and the areas impacted:

  • 1 winter storm/cold wave event (focus impact on deep South and Texas)
  • 1 wildfire event (combined impacts of wildfires across Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington)
  • 1 drought and heat wave event (summer/fall across western U.S.)
  • 2 flood events (in California and Louisiana)
  • 3 tornado outbreaks (including the December tornado outbreaks)
  • 4 tropical cyclones (Elsa, Fred, Ida and Nicholas)
  • 8 severe weather events (across many parts of the country)

Please join the effort to ease the burden of Americans devastated by severe weather. Stop by Saint Paul United Methodist Church at 746 Cherry Street and pick up the supply lists. This year they are collecting items for cleaning supplies.

You can donate one or all of the items on a list or you can donate items in bulk. All Galion residents are encouraged to support this national humanitarian relief effort for our fellow Americans.

Donations will be accepted March 27 through April 30.

Helping American Natural Disaster Victims