Study: Agricultural sector to benefit from new natural gas pipeline infrastructure

Staff report

The Ohio State Grange released a new analysis examining the interrelationship between the agricultural sector and access to affordable natural gas supplies in Ohio and Michigan.

The proposed pipeline is slated to travel through the northern part of Crawford County.

You can access the call here.

The analysis, conducted by Hillsdale College Professors Dr. Gary Wolfram and Dr. Charles Steele, examines two key aspects of underground natural gas pipeline projects: safety and the net benefits those pipelines deliver to the farming community and agricultural sector.

As the total acreage of farmland under cultivation across America continues to shrink, the Ohio State Grange commissioned experts from Hillsdale College to study the relationship between proposed pipeline projects in the region, and their impact on the agricultural sector.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is currently reviewing the applications for proposed natural gas pipelines projects that would cross parts of Ohio and Michigan. Last week, FERC announced its proposed schedule for one such project, the Rover natural gas pipeline project. Under that schedule, FERC would issue a final environmental impact statement on the pipeline in July, 2016.

Staff report