October property transfers in Crawford County

Staff report

The following property transfers were recorded in Crawford County during the month of October:

Harbour Portfolio VII LP to Country Realty, LLC, 453 Grand St., Galion, $5,260

Homer J. Knightstep Sr. by Connie S. Hayes Comm. to Margaret E. Jones and Joseph Dale Burton, Jr., 724 Hess St., Galionn, $14,000

Beverly L. Smith to Lisa A. Kinstle, Trustee, 649 Ajax Mountain Circle, Galion, $132,000

Geraldine M. Sherman to Robert R. & Melissa J. Rule, 5193 Annapolis-Dekalb Rd., Bucyrus, $70,000

Richard L. Sherman to Robert P. Rule and Melissa J. Rule, 5193 Annapolis-Dekalb Rd., Bucyrus, $70,000

Nelda M. Spore to John F. & Darlene L. Haines, 112 North Henry St., Crestline, $15,000

Russell V. Edgington to Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as Trustee, 5976 Marion Melmore Rd., Sycamore, $30,000*

Singery Enterprises LLC to E. Richard Hurles and Loretta F. Hurles, 317 E. Rensselaer St., Bucyrus, $15,000

Levering Management, Inc. to Josiah Harford, 638 Boston St., Galion, $500.00

Esther M. Kreim to Georgia Ruth Lauthers, 118 Kincora Dr., Bucyrus, $125,000

Neil A. and Erica A. Metzger to Isaac L. Homan and Nikita M. Homan, 692 Beverly Dr., Bucyrus, $68,900

PennyMac Corp. to Harold E. Zimmer Jr. and Lisa R. Zimmer, 1294 & 1294 ½ Harding Way E., Galion, $20,000

Marjorie M. Noblit (deceased) to Clifford G. Beck, Jr. & Teri J. Cole, 240 Iona Dr., Bucyrus, $88,500

Sandra J. Barber to Holly A. Lust, 3843 Cheryl St., Bucyrus, $153,000

The Estate of Jerry Lee Stuckman to Jnnifer L. Weir, 305 Dudley St., Bucyrus, $78,000

Lanny T. Brown to Sharon K. Olds, 1455 Cullen Ct., Bucyrus, $73,000

Helen E. Hieber to James B. Presler and Janice M. Presler, 6964 Wilson St., Chatfield, $70,000

James K. and Ruth Ann Crabaugh to William G. and Patricia Lynn Lucius, 4807 Connely Rd., Bucyrus, $37,500

Jeffrey A. Crabaugh Estate to William G. & Patricia Lynn Lucius, husband and wife, 4807 Connely Rd., Bucyrus, $62,500

Georgia E. Friedenstub to Bradley A. & Kelly L. Gibson, 230 N. Columbus St., Galion, $42,000

The Bank of New York to Landin Construction, Inc., 359 N. Market St., Galion, $6,000

The Estate of Deborah Elizabeth Palmer to Brooke M. Strohm, 5230 Connely Rd., Bucyrus, $130,000

M. Eileen Shealy to Dennis G. & Christie L. Christman, 349 Arch Dr., Bucyrus, $98,000

Nancy M. Bowman to Chester A. Pfeifer and Sally F. Pfeifer, 410 Hensley Ave., Galion, $16,200

The Estate of Robert D. Fisher by William A. Fisher, Ex. to Jo Ann Oney and Lawrence W. Oney, 432 N. Wiley St., Crestline, $25,000

Wayne C. Wirth to Lesley Tuscan and Michael McCray, 110 Switzer Dr., Galion, $99,000

Bertha C. Langiahr Trust, Janell E. Benner, Trustee to Robyn L. Ehresman, etal, E. Mansfield St., $1.000

Roxann Cramer, Angela Schiefer and Janell E. Benner to Robyn L. Ehresman, E. Mansfield St., $1,000

Country Realty to GOTA LLC, 453 Grand St., Galion, $18,000

First United Methodist Church of Crestline to Christine G. Anderson 2461 State Route 602, North Robinson, $38,000

Janet M. Herman to Stefan J. & Ashton A. Boyd, 212 S. Lane St., Bucyrus, $85,000

Perry W. Vaughn to Kathy l. Dyer, 450 Meyers St., Bucyrus, $1,000

Crawford County Sheriff to Galion Building and Loan Bank, 343 Harding Way East, Galion, $9,334*

Frances Marie Reynolds (deceased) to Constance J. Robinson & Trent L. Oxer, 921 Hull Ave., Bucyrus, $40,000

David and Cindy Hatfield to Gerald K. and Barbara J. Winkler, 240 Northview Ave., Crestline, $165,900

Jennifer A. Glines aka Lambert to Nicole M. Miller-Matthew B. Miller, 1235 Lynn Ave., Bucyrus, $138,500

Gregory R. Reed and Corey F. Reed to John M. Spears and Sherri R. Spears, Chatfield Center Rd., New Washington, $50,000

Matthew E. Novak and Ami J. Novak to Mark A. Robinson and Joni K. Robinson, 116 South Hill St., New Washington, $190,000

Skin A Peel, LLC, to Aaron A. Merryfield, 3627 Poole Rd., Bucyrus, $89,000

David M. Bailey to Michael W. & Barbara J. Lutes, 400 W. Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $175,000

Dixie Irwin to J. Kristopher Shope and Orville Williams, 546 South Union St., Galion, $33,300

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure

Staff report