Weekend weather could lead to car trouble

COLUMBUS — AAA expects an increase in vehicle breakdowns Tuesday morning, as temperatures once again dip into the teens. The auto club sees a rise in roadside assistance calls any time the temperature dips below 20 degrees several days in a row. Today is busier than a typical holiday Monday, but we expect a much higher number of calls Tuesday morning.

With the holiday weekend, many vehicles have sat for three days in the cold. When motorists try to start them Tuesday morning, many will find their car won’t start.

Battery-related calls make up the bulk of cold-weather breakdowns. On average, car batteries last about 3-5 years. Extreme cold and heat drain batteries quickly, which can leave drivers stranded without warning.

AAA encourages motorists to start their car today, so they aren’t caught off guard with any issues tomorrow morning. Remember not to leave it running for an extended period of time in an enclosed area.