Column: Mister President? Just shut up!

Quit dividing. Try uniting!

Mr. President?

Just shut up!

I have supported you. I still support your economic policies and your feelings on immigration. I appreciate your stance against North Korea and China and the embarrassment the United Nations has become. I appreciate your attack on hypocrisy in American politics.

I believe you can do a lot of good for this nation.

But for once.

Just shut up!

Shut down your Twitter account. Erase that app from your phone.

The first thought that comes into your head? Erase it. Go with something else.

You’re making a mockery of the presidency.

You’re embarrassing yourself.

You’re embarrassing me, because I supported you.

Just shut up!

Seriously. Shut up!

Twitter is a great way to win an election. It’s a terrible way to lead a nation.

You won Mr. President. Act like the leader I hoped you would be.

Quit dividing. Try uniting!

The president should be better than this. He should not be the biggest baby in the nation.

Which is how you appear each time you take to that stupid Twitter account.

Just shup up!

Oh, and don’t get snarky America.

I’m still a Trump supporter. Because he was 1,000 percent better than the alternative in 2016.

And Donald Trump is only the most visible part of a problem that is going to destroy America.

Nuclear war is no longer the greatest threat to the human race. The greatest threat is a weapon every American has access to … at the tip of their fingers.

Social media will destroy this nation. The hatred and lack of compassion and ignorance that have taken over social media is moving us closer and closer to civil war.

I’ve always been a “glass half full” kind of guy.

There was a bright side to every situation.

No longer. The world is filled with so much hate. And thanks to social media — and a national media that cares nothing about the truth — that hatred and lack of discourse keeps building.

The world keeps talking. But no one listens anymore.

It’s depressing. And it saddens me.

I’ve not felt like this before.

Charlie Manson — some 40 years ago — had a plan. He called it Helter Skelter. He meant to start a war between black and white Americans. He failed. Unfortunately, Manson’s vision is closer to reality today than it’s ever been.

Charlie Manson? Really?

Believe it or not, the Internet is filled with Charlie Mansons, and the national media is giving that type of insanity a louder voice, which equates to legitimacy.

My half-full glass of water has tipped over and is close to being emptied forever.

Trump is part of the problem. Hillary Clinton is part of the problem. Black Lives Matter is part of the problem. The Klu Klux Klan is part of the problem. Al Qaida and ISIS are part of the problem. Barack Obama is part of the problem. Nancy Pelosi is part of the problem. Right wing Christianity is a part of the problem. Radical Islamism is part of the problem.

These groups and these individuals have two things in common. They refuse to listen to another point of view. And they know that if they can make a big enough splash on social media, the national news media will give their point legitimacy.

The Internet has given voice to ignorance and hatred. The news media believes social media is the true voice of American.

That’s a bad pairing.

The national media no longer reports the news. It rehashes what happens on social media.

In the past 10 years — since Facebook and Twitter came to rule the world — the hate and vitriol and lack of compassion and unwillingness to allow diverse opinions has grown exponentially.

And the loudest voice on social media is the one trumpeted by the national media.

Sadly, the loudest voice on social media is often the most vile, and ignorant.

People don’t take to social media to spread common sense, which means common sense is a notion largely ignored by the national media.

”I read it on the Internet. It must be true.”

The phrase used to be a joke. No longer.

Anymore, if something is popular on social media, it’s the the lead story on the national news. And that means any idiotic notion can receive legitimacy by the national media.

Check out your Facebook or Twitter feed from Sunday.

News about hurricanes and earthquakes? You’re kidding, right?

More than 75 percent of everything on my feed was about the NFL. Not about the games. Lord knows the games are not important anymore. But CBS and Fox and NBC and every radio station that aired a football game felt the need to give us a play-by-play of who was standing, kneeling, holding hands, locking arms or staying in the locker rooms during the national anthem.

That fact our president made perhaps the most idiotic speech of his term, followed by more stupid Tweets, only fueled that reporting.

It’s funny how the national media works.

When Colin Kaepernick’s protest came to light more than a year ago, the media quickly made him the most hated man in America. Why? Because white America was outraged, and white America took to social media the quickest.

Then another voice made its opinion known, and all of a sudden Kaepernick’s protest had some merit.

Pretty soon, those who disagreed with Kaepernick’s protest were no longer patriotic Americans. In the eyes of the national media, they were racist, white Americans who endorsed the murder of every black man killed by a police officer.

So what changed? Nothing really. Only the tenor of the talk on social media changed.

America didn’t change its opinion on Colin Kaepernick. The national media changed the way it slanted it’s reporting, based on social media.

I’m a Christian. And I’m embarrassed by many of the posts I see on social media from “Christian” friends who absolutely hate and detest anyone who believes Colin Kaepernick’s protest has a little bit of merit.

I don’t believe Kaepernick and the dozens of NFL players who have joined his protest ‘hate” America.

Nor do I believe every member of law enforcement in America is just looking for reasons to kill young black men.

Unfortunately — according to social media and the national media — those are the only two opinions that matter.

The best thing about America — in the past, at least — was our ability to disagree, and not hate one another.

Today, you’re right, 0r wrong. You’re white, or you’re not. You’re conservative or you’re liberal.

Middle ground does not exist on social media. So it is largely ignored by the “real” media.

The national news media needs to change the way it operates. Social media is not an accurate barometer of America’s passion, although it has given radicalism a louder voice than it deserves.

We’d be better off giving it a lot less credence.

And Mr. President.

Just shut up … unless what you have to say will unify America, not further divide it!


By Russ Kent

Galion Inquirer



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