Letter: Attend March 1 meeting to fight electric rate hike

Residents should attend meeting to discuss electric rate hike

If you are a Galion city electric customer and you have an interest in keeping your electric rates as low as possible, I hope you will be at the Galion municipal building March 1 to voice your concerns about a potential electric rate hike.

This will be the third meeting of the city’s utility committee — chaired by Mark Triplett (2nd Ward Councilman), with Susan Bean (4th Ward) and Dr. Fellner (Council-at-Large) — to discuss the need to increase the city’s electric rates.

So far, there have been only five or six citizens at each meeting representing the average residential power customers and two or three representatives of local industry (large power customers). Also in attendance, of course, were the mayor, city auditor, city treasurer and president of the chamber of commerce.

Unfortunately, these past meetings have been a waste of time due to the fact that neither the committee chairman nor the mayor have provided any documentation to review. Not one copy of the city’s AMP power bills or documents showing the financial history (revenues and expenditures) of the electric fund have been provided.

Triplett stated to the mayor numerous times ‘that we need to have some documentation.’

The only thing accomplished to date has been nothing but talk, and most of that was from the mayor. It appears his sights are set on favoring the large power users, as he did not express concern about the electric bills of families and seniors on fixed incomes.

At this point, we have the opportunity to work with city council to protect the interests of residential electric customers. Remember, all city officials work for you, the citizens.

Please plan on attending the utility committee meeting on Wednesday, March 1, at 7 p.m., to voice your concerns about raising electric rates on residential electric customers.

Don Faulds