Crawford County July real estate transactions

The following Property Transfers were recorded in Crawford County during the month of July 2016:

Melissa R. Lillo and Timothy Lillo, wife and husband to Tracy M. Lillo, 332 Homer St., Galion, $3,800

Ethan C. Seitz to Kyle D. and Katie L. Fortney, joint, 5177 SR 19, Galion, $25,500

Lutz Brothers LTD to FourGirls Rentals, LLC, 527 Sears St., Bucyrus, $18,000

Carl’s Properties, LLC to Kenneth E. & Shirley A. Stratton, 801 S. Highland Ave., Bucyrus, $12,000

Cynthia A. Phillips-Studer aka Cynthia A. Phillips aka Cynthia Picou to Amy Riley, 2222 State Route 602, Crestline, $129,000

Karen E. Wise and James R. Wise to Charles H. Kline and Barbara S. Kline, 830 Charles St., Galion, $72,000

First Federal Community Bank to John G. Rossington & Julia L. Rossington, 321 W. Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $55,000

Donald F. & Virginia B. Barr & John P. & Sherry L. Ryan to Michael E. Mateer and Annemarie Mateer, 324 Neuman Ave., Galion, $36,000

Kyle L. Bodkin to Eric C. Winbigler, 338 Orange St., Galion, $78,900

S. Jean Carr, Trustee to John R. & Gerogeanna L. Dantuma, 610 Hollywood Dr., Galion, $54,250

Lee Roy Moore to Angela Adkins, 308 S. Washington St., Galion, $500.00

I/S/F. Inc. to Falcon View II, LLC, 739 Scioto Chapel, Upper Sandusky, $1,212,750

Carol A. Ewing to RSSUM Properties, LLC, 511 South Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $198,450

Scott M. Kent, Sheriff of Crawford County, Ohio to Julia A. Schreck, 370, 370 ½ 372 Grove Ave., Galion, $23, 334*

William Cook and Sheryl Cook to Ryan M. Hoffman, 421 Scott St., Crestline, $56,500

Peoples Savings and Loan Company to William J. Harris, 221 Fellow St., Galion, $4,500

Marcus Myers Executor of the Estate of Abigail Johnson to John J. Schieber and Mary A. Schieber 1040 Victoria Dr., Bucyrus, $85,000

John C. and Barbara J. Thomas to Rodney W. and Heidi Y. Matney, 239 Harding Way East, Galion, $40,000

Betty R. Johnson to Alyssa Horn, 1521 Linwood Dr., Bucyrus, $84,900

S. Jean Bray to David M. Stone, 92 Maynard Ave., Crestline, $47,000

Steven D. Gosser to Wells Fargo Bank, NA as Trustee, 128 North Market St., Galion, $55,000*

Eugene E. Michener and Sandra J. Michener to Sandra Hedrick, 1141 Marion Melmore Rd., Bucyrus, $120,900

O. French Ball, Jr. to Sandra J. Michener, 1323 Grandview Dr., Bucyrus, $138,500

Samuel L. and Dawn R. Caldwell to Chad M. Steffan, 1829 Lincoln Hwy., Bucyrus, $117,900

Thomas E. Cassady and Lesley A. Cassady to Justin Dailey and Amanda D. Dailey, 7859 Reed Rd., Galion, $119,900

Rebecca A. and Todd A. Corbitt, II to Johnathon and Kelly Beeman, 133 S. Riblet St., Galion, $7,000

U. S. Bank Trust to Shad R. Eldson, 506 W. Warren St., Bucyrus, $45,000

James E. Loggins, Jr. Trustee of the James E. Loggins Trust to Ami K. Hay and James E. Hay, Jr., Laughbaum Dr., Galion, $15,500

Kevin Snyder to Brian Snyder, 5427 State Route 19, Galion, $85,340

Randy Patton, Administrator of the Estate of Katherine G. Patton to Cynthia Stauffer, 556 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $15,500

Michael Songer to Tony Reagan and Ronda Reagan, 331 Neumann St., Galion, $52,000

William C. Kurtz Sr. and Judith A. Kurtz to Spenser A. Hartline and Courtney Jo Hartline, 850 Grove Ave., Bucyrus, $109,000

Ruth Dunlap aka Ruth M. Dunlap by Sherry Cover POA to Devin Gottfried, 7453 Knauss Rd., Bloomville, $53,900

Richard and Susan Plesac to Kaitylyn Raye Shepherd, 317 N. Henry St., Crestline, $30,000

Wendell J. Short and Charlene Short to Richard F. Plesac and Susan M. Plesac, 7305 Middletown Rd., Galion, $192,000

Jeffrey Allen Buckly to Leonard R. & Rebecca J. Hord, 112 Bland Ave., Bucyrus, $5,000

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M. Kent to Water Street Properties, Inc., 1980 Sycamore, New Washington, Bloomville, $18,000*

Bishop Revocable Living Trust to Thresa M. Young, Marsh Rd., New Washington, $7,500

Aaron Adams to U. S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, 707 Grove Ave., Galion, $48,000*

Midfirst Bank to Travis H. Hardy, Angela K. Hardy, 215 Wallace Ave., Bucyrus, $28,550

Waunita L. Howard, deceased to Brandy M. Nauman, 716 Plymouth St., Bucyrus, $48,900

Shane D. Grove and Stacy A. Grove to Jesse Groves and Amber Groves, 695 Rex Rd., Bucyrus, $243,000

Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure*

Bucyrus United Methodist Church to Life on the Rock Ministries, 4270 St Rt 98, Bucyrus, $75,000

Janet L Conrad successor, Trustee to Keller Farms LLC, SR 61, Crestline, $10,00

Brian & Heather Thompson to Christina Foti, 530 S Union St., Galion, $79,000

Gary A Sheffer and Cindy L Sheffer to Christopher A & Amber N Reiser, 375 Hessenauer Dr., Galion, $147,000

John P Hoffman and Barbara J Vanderbilt, Suc. Trustees to Christopher J Perry, Davis St., Crestline, $11,500

Stephen M & Patricia A Tracey to Kari L & Jeremy M Branham, 301 E Mansfield St., New Washington, $104,900

Carl R Dixon, deceased to Pamela M Smith, 929 S. Market St., Galion, $45,000

Betsy Erline Place, by L Burt Place her Attorney in Fact to Matthew O & Katelyn D Strickler, 320 Gill Ave., Galion, $104,000

Dayna D Dennison to Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, 1207 Dundee Trail Bucyrus, $68,400

Bart S & Kristina G Dennison to Timothy D & Staci K Lohr, 4302 Marion-Melmore Rd., Nevada, $119,000

Jennifer K Kalb to Ronald C & Loraine A Webster, 673 Rex Rd., Bellevue, $160,000

Larry D & Phyllis J Windbigler to John E & Amanda C Shade, 6693 Windfall Rd., Galion, $100,000

Charles A & Beverly J Looker to US Bank National Association, 264 North Union St., Galion, $14,000

Sandra Alynne Emmer to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company. 728 N Crestline St., Crestline, $25,334.

Dianne J Shell/Angela L Niedermier/Brian J Shell/Steven P Shell to DECAGON, LLC, 427 South Center St., New Washington, $6,500

Kenneth L & Linda A Tomecko to Duane E & Carol A Williams, 720 Harding Way West, Galion, $150,000

Gregory A Pfleiderer & Shelly M Pfleiderer, Trustees to Cody Gledhill and Jennifer Gledhill, 6706 Windfall Rd., Galion, $200,000

Ian M & Krystal K Mason to Jennifer L Maltsbarger, 604 Bucyrus Nevada Rd., Bucyrus, $97,000

Jacalyn L Anderson to Stormwind Properties LLC, 1118 Sherman St., Bucyrus, $75,000

H&T Property Investments, LLC to Aaron M & Crystle N Siegel, 935 Victoria Dr., Bucyrus, $155,000

Cody A Gledhill & Jennifer Gledhill to Zachary T Gledhill, 7090 Kile Rd., Crestline, $18,600

Shaine & Pamela Taylor to Robert L Oswalt Sr & Mary J Daniels, 240 Biddle Rd., Galion, $52,000

Justin A Ramsey to Elwin Winslow, 961 Kelly St., Galion, $8,000

James J & Esther H Stacklin to Roger W & Deborah S Wechter, 509 W Mansfield St., New Washington, $24,000

Hogar Community Reinvestment, LLC to Investment Funding Inc. 313 W Main St., Tiro, $29,140

Hogar Community Reinvestment, LLC to Investment Funding Inc. 307 Fairview Ave., Galion, $23,310

Harold G Garverick, et al to Kenneth L Tomecko, et al, 126 Switzer Dr., Galion, $105,000

John E Shade Jr. to Dawn M & Frederick J Fagan, 309 W Bucyrus St., Crestline, $75,000

Robert E & Catherine R Lundquist to James Randas, II & Dionna Randas, 766 Center St., Galion, $165,000

Ray H LaChance, Trustee to David R & Lori A LaChance, 914 Holmes Place, Galion, $142,000

Rosie M aka Rosie Mae Lawson to Carolyn C Young , 617 East Lucas St., Bucyrus, $35,000

Sandra C Lyons, Trustee etal to Paul A Lust, Trustee and Judy M Lust, Trustee, Beechgrove Rd., Bucyrus, $250,000

Sandra C Lyons, Trustee to Paul A Lust, Trustee & Judy M Lust, Trustee, Beechgrove Rd., Bucyrus, $250,000

Joseph V Yosick, unmarried to Thomas P & Sharon A Sheibley, 5670 SR 103, New Washington, $50,000

Norman L Kemerley to Wells Fargo Bank, NA successor by merger to Wachovia Bank, 344 Water St., Oceola, $10,000

Key Bank National Association as Successor Trustee of the HAP Neff Living Trust to Carl Massey, Failor St. (bare land), Bucyrus, $500

Matthew J Cole to Jesse Longbrake, 1039 South Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $78,200

Leona A Hoffman by LeRoy E Hoffman to Steven F & Eloise Gear, 6915 Wood St., Crestline, $26,100