Crawford County property transfers

Staff report

These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County in June 2016:

Joel T Kerlin to Nathan A & Johna Kay ER, 412 Lincoln Highway, Bucyrus, $68,000

Bruce D MacPherson to Rssum Properties, LLC, 517 S. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $48,335

Harold H Eppley, Trustee to Amos A Wolfe & Nicole S Wolfe, 2 acres, Heiber Rd., Bucyrus, $18,000

Timothy A & Connie S Musselman to Alvin L & Marissa A Leitzy, 2034 Quaker Rd, Bucyrus, $210,000

Troy A & Laurie A Smith to David W Keller, Trustee, Biddle Rd., Galion, $67,368

David W Keller, Trustee to David W Keller, Trustee, 420 N Seltzer St, Crestline, $75,000

Cheryl Lynn Wood to David W Keller, Trustee, 1101 Biddle Rd, Galion, $76,750

Laven & Amy North to Lakseh Rae Draper, 388 Emmet St., Crestline, $75,000

Michael Aaron Kohlhorst to Bryan E Boone, 920 Smith St., Galion, $55,500

Mary Ellen S Atkins to Jokerst Properties, LLC, 241 N Market St., Galion, $14,000

Jamie L Lutz to Blaine H & Kathy L Bahm, 1144 River Rd., Bucyrus, $25,000

Kelly J & Cindy E Reed to US Bank Nation Association, 1744 Beck Rd., Galion, $54,000

Nicole M Corwin to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 124 North Henry St., Crestline, $30,000

Lester L Koons to Robert C Nelson, 2368 Western Ave., North Robinson, $10,000

Jennifer Groves, Exec to Robert C Nelson 2368 Western Ave., North Robinson, $20,000

Eric E Kick to Kingson Steward, 3551 Chatfield Center Rd. Bloomville, $40,000

Glenn & Rebecca Hoag to Timothy C Fike, 112 N Main St., Tiro, $14,000

Patricia J Blicke to Thomas W & Susan M Cathheart, 1062 Martha Ave., Bucyrus, $255,000

Marvin L Heinberger to Donald R & Sherry C Jones, 120 South St., Galion, $45,000

Virginia Mae Ayer aka Virginia F Ayer to David J Williamson, 5436 St Rt 19, Galion, $85,000

Mark T & Sandra K Powell to Brian S Laughery, 799 Surrey Dr., Galion, $152,000

James E & Sally S Kocher to John D Mizick, 1785 Lemert Rd., Bucyrus, $193,000

Erica Masi, Successor Trustee to William A & Chelsea L Slagle, 525 Hill St., Bucyrus, $99,000

Wells Fargo Financial Ohio 1 Inc to Joshua Stephen Campbell, 342 North Henry St., Crestline, $20,000

David & Daniel A Stump to Kenneth G Riddlebarger, 1208 Dundee Trail, Bucyrus, $60,000

Jarrod J Clady & Christina Brianne Turner nka Clady to Charles Dane Alt, 121 West Main St., New Washington, $75,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Alan Investments III, LLC, 120 Buehler St., Galion, $16,441.

David A Schifer, Vicki K Phillips, Mitchell E Schifer, et al to Patricia J Blicke, 1112 Rikki Lee Lane, Bucyrus, $145,000

Amber R Presler fka Amber R Stump to Matthew A & Amanda K Pace, 7125 Lydell Rd., Tiro, $125,000

Rick Smith to Roy Addison, 112 West Perry St., Bucyrus, $22,500

District Petroleum Products Inc an Ohio Corporation to Nova 8516 LP, a Delaware limited Partnership, 600 S Sandusky, Bucyrus, $852,500

District Petroleum Products Inc an Ohio Corporation to Nova 8516 LP, a Delaware limited Partnership,

990 W Main St., Crestline, $871,875

Susan C Bauer to Marissa N Henkel, 120 W Summit St., Galion, $38,000

David Robertson & Beverly Robertson to Carrie A Robertson, 650 West Perry St., Bucyrus, $54,000

Delbert Charles Koons, Sr. & Marilyn Ann Koons, Trustee, Delbert Charles/Koons Living Trust to Meghan Snyder, 5402 Stevens Rd., New Washington, $27,125

Delbert C Koons, Sr., Executor, Estate of Penny S Snyder, Deceased to Meghan Snyder, 5402 Steven Rd., New Washington, $27,125

Philip D Bays & Shanna S Bays to US Bank Trust NA as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust, 506 W Warren St., Bucyrus, $41,334

Beneficial Financial Inc successor to Jason Kirby, 827 North Thoman St., Crestline, $31,649

Dennis F & Brenda Sue Heydinger to Jeremy J Everhart, 5100 St Rt 103, New Washington, $144,000

H&H Land Holdings, LLC to Scott L Aidt , 4592 St Rt 4, Bucyrus, $90,000

Ventures Trust to Gary Cherlander, 702 Fairview Ave., Bucyrus, $32,110

Dennis A & Marilyn S Elmore to Jon D & Tara L Amos, 327 Hetrick Dr, Galion, $58,000

Bradley C Justice to Heidi E & Allen R Hocker, 780 St Rt 181, Crestline, $147,000

LPP Mortgage Ltd to Kenneth M Brown, 723 High St., Bucyrus, $16,500

Robert E & Ruth I Greter to Rachel A Elliott, 609 North Henry St., Crestline, $58,000

Asebrook & Co Architects, LLC to Sandra P Stuckman, 113 Harding Way West, Galion, $25,000

Cathy J Green, unmarried to Charles E Mason, 330 St Rt 4, Marion, $148,000

Jack L Felgenhauer, married to Jacob F Burns, unmarried and Daytona M Swartz, unmarried, 1917 Spore Brandywine Rd, Bucyrus, $88,700

Harold D Butler to Glenn A & Jodi K Butler, 3137 Glenville Rd., Bucyrus, $79,000

Melvin & Norma G Stuckert to Joseph A & Lisa M Cassidy, 1429 Cullen Ct., Bucyrus, $90,900

Ricky A & Robin S Smith to RSSUM Properties, LLC, 506 South Poplar St., Bucyrus, $31,250

Ellen J Johnson, Trustee to Heidi M & Seth A Messer, 154 Rex Rd., Nevada, $130,000

Primestar Fund I , Inc. to Ronald G Worcester, 629 West Charles St., Bucyrus, $15,000

Vicki Lynn Patterson to FW Englefield IV & BB Englefield, 127 Portland Way South, Galion, $70,000

Christopher Petersen to FW Englefield IV & BB Englefield, 129 Portland Way South, Galion, $70,000

Kristi L Burgin nka Kristi L Chambers & Roger W Chambers to Matthew S & Kathy S Etzinger, 493 Cloverdale Ave., Crestline, $77,900

David R & Lori A LaChance to Roger W & Kristi L Chambers, 200 Hessenauer Dr., Galion, $130,000

Alma L Huttman aka Alma L Berry to David A & Rebel Underwood, 6197 Poplar St., Sycamore, $500

The following Property Transfers were recorded in Crawford County during the month of June 2016:

Robert A. Johnston to Winona M. Young, 517 N. Union St., Galion, $32,000

Richard F. Faeth, Trustee to Rachel M. Lucki, 232 N. Market St., Galion, $99,900

Vickie Dishon Executor of the Estate of Paul Bechtel to Sean M. Weisanauer and Lauren M. Brake, 1349 Beal Ave., Bucyrus, $123,500

Randall l. Clady & Denise H. Clady to Freyman & Tubbs, LLC, 315 and 315 ½ So. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $140,000

Randall R. Wert and Elaine G. Wert to Larry J. Mullins, Viola M. Mullins and Elizabeth C. Dalton, 7302 State Route 4, Bloomville, $35,000

Lisa M. Miller and Terence R. Miller to Crawford Land Development, LLC, 712 West Charles St., Bucyrus, $29,000*

Kyle J. & Emily J. Laipply to Cody D. Schifer and Danica E. McBowan, 821 W. Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $107,500

Young’s Tree Service, an Ohio LLC to Douglas J. Rank & Crystal M. Black, 5725 Cox Rd., Tiro, $7,700

Jonathon P. Rodriguez to George S. Helsel and Sandra L. Helsel, 365 Laughbaum Dr., Galion, $108,000

Terry L. Roston and Rita K. Roston to Steven D. Hart Jr. and Lindsey M. Hart, 325 Evans Ave., Galion, $175,700

Alishia I. Dembach ETAL to Hunter S. Finnegan and Sierra J. Hefner, 270 South Street Rd., Galion, $85,500

Margaret Ann Van Buskirk to Kenneth W. Lewis, 126 S. Spring St., Bucyrus, $31,700

Elmer R. Hurles and Loretta F, Hurles to The Crawford County Council on Aging, Inc., 226 W. Warren St. and 230 S. Spring St., Bucyrus, $42,000

First Federal Community Bank to H & T Property Investments, LLC, 202 Hayes Ave., Bucyrus, $35,000

Robert & Helen L. Guinther to Kocher Livestock, LLC, Shearer Rd., Galion, $50,000

Stanley E. Volk to Jerry W. Volk and Marlene J. Stevens, 6631 Leesville Rd., Crestline, $150,000

Jane L. Crace, POA to Laura E. Gebhardt, 414 Euclid Ave., Bucyrus, $80,000

Peoples Savings and Loan Company to Ashley M. Sipe and Karen A. Soto and David V. Soto, 1017 E. Warren St., Bucyrus, $35,000

Sarah E. Jolly aka Sarah E. Gilbertson to Matthew R. McCoy aka Matt McCoy & Jeri N. McCoy aka Jeri McCoy, 4452 Orewiler Rd., Bucyrus, $105,000

Brian B. Grauer to Nathan B. Rader, 513 Harding Way East, Galion, $3,000

Darla J. Sobers, Diane K. Belcher, Dean C. Metzger, et al. to Wayne D. Zeiter, Trustee, 6994 State Route 19, Bloomville, $58,000

Moon Dog Properties, LLC to Ren Zhou HE, 241 South Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $80,000

The Oceola United Methodist Church of Oceola, Crawford County, Ohio to Don L. Perdue and Cheryl J. Perdue, 3877 and 3887 Marion Melmore Rd., Nevada, $10,001

Estate of Ireda D. Wright to Toby L. Smith, 686 Willowcrest Lane, Galion, $68,300

Amos Financial LLC to Mark Collins and Tammy Collins, 313 Hensley St., Galion, $15,000

Denzil Clevenger, et al. to Ronnie W. Long, Jr. 449 E. North St., Crestline, $5,000

Carol A. Coverdale to JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, 1229 South Walnut St., Bucyrus, $40,500*

Brian Keith Harvey to Ronda L. Ellis, 4543 State Route 96, Bucyrus, $87,500

Cecil E. Woodruff & Christine S. Woodruff to Craig R. Wilson, 650 Old Winchester Rd., Bucyrus, $165,500

Brian W. Kimpton to Carlton D. Laughbaum & Chelsea M. Laughbaum, 4760 Kafer Rd., Bucyrus, $155,000

Domenique E. Delaney, Trustee of The Dudley Family Trust dated 10-31-2001 to Domenique E. Delaney, 713 Maple Heights Dr., Galion, $52,000

Galion East Investment, LLC to Galion East Ohio I, L.P., 1300 Harding Way East, Galion, $1,500,000.00

Joshua E. Zehring to Tyler M. Zehring, 4430 Monnett Chapel Rd., Galion, $17,500

HVC Management Corp. to BMC Diversified, LLC, 1221 St. Rt. 61, Galion, $12,976.88

David L. Greenich to Joyce Thomas, 814 N. Seltzer, Crestline, $60,000

Sarah I. Foght to Gregory L. Scott, 4065 St. Rt. 98, Bucyrus, $1.00

David Alan Hartz to Carl Schroeder, 5807 State Route 39 W., Shelby, $17,000*

Don B. Barnett, Trustee to Mary and Tammy Collins, 229 S. Jefferson St., Galion, $15,000

Dawn M. Fraizer to Zachary Ramirez & Jennifer Klein, 6495 Lincoln Hwy., Crestline, $186,000

Kevin R. Faeth to Andrew J. Beach, 244 Erie St., Galion, $59,900

Eric Leuthold and Abby Zurvalec to Megan Brown, 882 Rosewood Dr., Galion, $74,000

Mable K. Hipp to Steven Garberich and Lana Garberich, 411 West Thrush Ave., Crestline, $90,300

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure

Staff report