GHS alumni dig deep for Galion students

GALION — The Galion Alumni Association is working for the students of Galion City Schools in every opportunity that comes their way.

The original concept of the Galion Alumni Association began in 1916 with a group of graduates who met with the intention of simply keeping tabs on previous graduates. At that time, over four hundred alumni attended the meeting.

For years after that original meeting, little direction and structure was in place for the alumni.

That was changed in 2004 with the Galion Alumni Assocation as it is known today. With the guidance of 13 Galion Alumni, ranging from 1940 through 1993 graduation years, the restructured group had a clear plan and intention for the future as a non-profit organization.

From that point on, they have worked tirelessly to fulfill their mission statement in as many ways possible.

Their biggest project to date is the stone entrance and digital sign built in 2007 at the main entrance to the campus of Galion City Schools on Portland Way North. Alumni from all over the country contributed to make the idea a reality.

“Once the idea to build the structure was suggested, it only took three months for the funds to come together,”said vice-President Joe Kleinknecht. “We had $60,000 before we knew it!”

The Alumni Association also contributes annualy to the Campus wear closet for the school district with monies raised by member dues and events like the Wine tasting that was just held last weekend in uptown Galion.

In 2014, Galion Alumni Association took over responsibility of the 300 Club drawings from the Galion Boosters. Drawings are held at every GHS home game during football and basketball season, and ticket holders are given multiple opportunities to win.

The Alumni are also working closely with Galion City Schools as they pursue the option of an Performing Arts Building for the district. While there are no concrete plans for this addition to the school campus at this time, the plans are still on-going and active.

Currently, Galion Alumni Association consists of 82 lifetime members, and 65 annual members, but they are always looking to increase their numbers.

“Our current list of officers is from an older generation of Galion graduates that won’t be around forever,” Kleinknecht said. “If we want to continue to contribute and be a presence and support for the school district in the future, we need to be sure that our growth continues as well.”

Memberships range in fees starting from just $20 for an annual membership, and are open to any graduate of Galion High School. For more information, please visit

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By Erin Miller

Galion Inquirer



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