Johni Hipple column: What’s on your mind? Let’s discuss it

Today marks the ending of something old and the beginning of something new.

In this case, it is the ending of the “Hey Caiti” column and the beginning of “Let’s Discuss It.”

For those who enjoyed the “Hey Caiti” column, do not despair. You will still be informed and entertained. However, Inquirer editor Russ Kent and I do take note of what the “needs of the many are” and have decided to provide for some of those needs.

The “Hey Caiti” column has been laid to rest. As informative as it has been, some considered it too impersonal, and dare I say it, a bit too bland. And it did not provide enough room for debate.

Well folks, that’s the idea behind “Let’s Discuss It.”

So hold on to your hats because the winds; they will be blowing in a new direction.

“Let’s Discuss It” will be more personal, more controversial, more opinionated, more in-your-face and will leave scads of room for debate.

And I hope you’ll participate.

For those of you who wanted more, you might want to remember the adage, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Because, to have a discussion, or to debate an issue, there must be give-and-take, a statement on an issue and a response to that statement. So, “Let’s Discuss It.”

And, for those who wanted “more” let’s see if your actions can support your words.

“Let’s Discuss It” infers that there will actually be a discussion.

If you don’t like the subject matter being discussed, then let us know what you would like to discuss.

If you have an opinion on the subject matter being discussed, then “Let’s Discuss It.”

Do you want a private answer to a question? Contact Russ Kent or Johni Hipple and “Let’s Discuss It.”

There are many hot-topic, controversial subjects we can discuss.

How about politics? Do you want more government or less? How about religion? Do we still need it in our society? How about gun control? Are you for it or against it? How about children? Should we be subjected to ill-mannered, misbehaving, temper-tantrum-throwing children when we go out for a night of dining?

The list goes on and on and on …

But there’s even “More.”

For a short period, you can request a personal appearance by the author — in case you missed it, that’s me, Johni Hipple, of the “Ask Caiti” and “Let’s Discuss It” columns — to speak on a subject of your choice for your group, department or organization. One presentation per group, compliments of the editor of the Galion Inquirer and Johni Hipple Freelance.

The request must be made to Russ Kent in writing and restrictions do apply. The offer ends Nov. 19, 2016 or when the provided schedule is full.

So folks, you asked for it.

Here it is. Next Wednesday will kick off “Let’s Discuss It.”

It’s going to be a personal column to write. Check it out to see if the topic of discussion pushes any of your buttons.

If you would like to push someone else’s buttons with a topic of discussion of your own, contact Russ Kent at [email protected] by 4 p.m. Friday and you just might see your topic in “Let’s Discuss It.”

Johni Hipple


Johni Hipple lives in Galion. She is a speaker, author, facilitator and the founder of Johni Hipple Freelance. A graduate of the University of Kentucky in Sociology, a graduate of Hondros college in Real Estate, and a Marine Corps veteran, Johni is a prolific and compassionate writer who uses words to share knowledge, experience, and ideas that will make a positive difference in the lives of others. If you have a thought, idea or suggestion about this column, share it with Inquirer editor Russ Kent at [email protected]