This Week In Galion’s History

Galion has a colorful and lengthy past. The events noted in this column are taken from the Galion Inquirer archives from years past. The focus will be items of personal or community interest from 10, 25, 50 and 75 years ago.

The week ending June 6, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Sharon Knight celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Mr. & Mrs. Frank “Rich” Dewalt celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Dawn Cook, graduate of Colonel Crawford and Hollywood TV actress, returned to offer acting classes to local students.

Water Plant Operator, Scott Reeves was pictured cleaning the deep end of the Heise Park swimming pool in preparation for summer operations.

Mary Court, popular Galion Librarian, was honored to give the commencement address to Galion High School’s graduating class.

Roger Moore of the Shawnee Tribe was one of the speakers at the Living History Celebration at Lowe Volk Park.

The week ending June 6, 1990

Third grade students Megan Swank, Aaron Moore, Kortney Krauss were pictured cooling off at the North School drinking fountain during recess.

The US Army Corps of Engineers revealed plans to help Galion deal with flooding issues of the Olentangy River.

Winners of the Americanism Essay Contest, sponsored by Galion Emblem Club 359 were announced. The fourth graders were Tracy Murray, Kerrie Plummer and Amber Miller.

Graduation ceremonies were held outdoors at Heise Park, regardless of high winds and warm temperatures. Graduates were photographed holding onto their mortarboards during the processional.

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Rinehart celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hoffman celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

The week ending June 6, 1965

The American Legion Scarbrough Post 243 Firing Squad were pictured honoring the war dead during the Memorial Day services.

Mr. & Mrs. Walter D Harner celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

Galion City Schools received $76,111 from state foundation funds as their portion of the fourth quarter distribution.

The first shovelful of dirt was removed from the new East Park swimming pool area. Photographed with the ceremonial shovel were: Dr. Walter Eyster, Ed Sprow, Mayor Jay Nichols, Dave Burness, and Pete Yunker.

Terry Strickler was offered an appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point. He joined fellow Galion classmate Robert Kump.

Beverly Balliett displayed her hard earned Girl Scout badges. She attended the International Girl Scout Roundup at Farragut, Idaho.

The week ending June 6, 1940

The graduating class of Galion High School numbered 131 students.

13 Galion National Guardsmen participated in a mock battle with the 37th Division at New Albany.

The Galion Red Cross appealed to local residents to donate for disaster relief funds to be sent to Europe and assist families.

Gledhill Lumber Co advertised modern homes built on “your lot, $500 down.”

The Galion Marbles Tourney finals competition was held in the Heise Park ball diamond. Champions would represent Galion at the Cedar Point Marbles competition.

Quay’s Drug Store advertised bathing caps on sale for 33 cents, tennis rackets for $1.73 and sun glasses on sale for 14 cents and up.