Send us your snow photos … and stories

What did you do during Winter Storm Harper, and its aftermath?

GALION –I’ve seen lots of photos from the Blizzard of ’78 on the social media in recent days. They’re unforgettable.

But what about Winter Storm Harper? I had to push my back door open this morning so Miss Beatrix could go outside and perform her morning ritual. She jumped on the porch into a foot-high drift. I could tell she didn’t think much of it, but when she leaped off the porch, her landing area was just as snow-covered.

It was a short visit to the great out-of-doors.

Are there some good drifts in your yard or neighborhood? Did you get out and build a snowman, or a snow fort? How often and how long did it take to clear your sidewalks and driveways?

Send us your photos. Share an anecdote. We may use some of them in a story for our website and Wednesday’s print edition of the Galion Inqurier.

How did you spend Saturday and Sunday once Winter Storm Harper arrived in this area, and even after it moved up the east coach?

Was it family time?  Have you had enough family time? Maybe you went sledding. Or did you spend the day shoveling, cleaning snow and ice off vehicles and bringing in wood for the fireplace?

Did you cook, clean, watch TV, comb and brush the animals, rent some movies or just play games?

Send your photos to Russ Kent at