Homeless woman jailed on drug charges

BUCYRUS —Three people were sent to prison and one persons placed on five years of felony community control Wednesday morning in Crawford County Common Pleas Court.

Camille Sargent, 42, and listed as homeless, changed her plea to guilty on a charge of possession of drugs.

Judge Sean Leuthold accepted a plea agreement. Sargent was given the maximum sentence of 12 months in prison with a negotiated possible early release. She was fined $1,250 and must forfeit all drug-related property to the Galion Police Department.

Charles Baker, 34, of Galion, also was in court Wednesday, after reportedly violating the conditions of his community control. According to Probation Officer Dan Wurm, Baker failed to appear for a scheduled appointment with the probation department Nov. 15. According to court records, on Nov. 24, Baker overdosed at the Valero gas station in Bucyrus causing emergency medical responders to administer a Narcan shot to revive him. He also had syringes in his possession that he admitted contained heroin.

Leuthold imposed his original 30-month prison sentence and gave him an additional six months in prison for the new charge. In accordance with the plea agreement, the prosecution will not pursue misdemeanor charges related to the case. Baker also was fined $1,250 on each count.

Before concluding sentencing, Leuthold said: “I don’t feel bad about sending you to prison, because if I weren’t you’d be dead in six months,” Leuthold said. “There are good programs in prison. Get in them and turn your life around. You are lucky to be alive.”

Matthew Sweet, 60, of Mansfield came from prison to appear before Leuthold, pleaded guilty to possession of dangerous drugs. He received an additional six months in prison and must forfeit all drug-related property to the Galion Police Department.

Also on Wednesday, defendant Aacin Webb, appeared in court, right out of the county jail. Webb was serving time on a municipal court charge when he became angry and slammed a jail door so hard that it broke the lock.

“You have managed to do what most people can’t do,” Leuthold said. “You’ve managed to catch a felony charge while you’re serving time in jail.”

Leuthold placed him on five years community control and ordered him to pay the sheriff’s office$475.80 for damages to the door.



By Kathy Laird