Crestline woman accused of threatening witness

BUCYRUS — A Crestline woman is accused of taking measures into her own hands to protect a relative from prosecution.

Charlotte Wolfe, 46, was charged by the November Crawford County Grand Jury on an intimidation charge.

It is alleged that Wolfe threatened a witness to a criminal or delinquent. Allegations include that Wolfe intimidated a witness  regarding an alleged rape. It is alleged that some of the threats were made on social media including Facebook.

Intimidation is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to 36 months in prison.

Judge Sean Leuthold set Wolfe’s bond at $100,000.

“We do not allow potential witnesses to be harassed in this county,” Leuthold said.

Also in court this week, Heather Grasley, 30, of Bucyrus ended a long negotiation by changing her plea in Crawford County Common Pleas Court on Monday.

Appearing in court with attorney Carlo Crawford, Grasley received the maximum sentence on three of six charges. In accordance with the plea agreement, Grasley will serve 12 months each on two counts of drug possession and 36 months on one count of tampering with evidence, a total of 59 months in prison. She must also forfeit all drug related property to the Bucyrus Police Department.

Grasley was arrested in a drug bust at 409 W. Mansfield St.

Assistant Prosecutor Ryan Hoovler said Grasley admitted to selling heroin laced with fentanyl. Lab results verified the drugs seized contained fentanyl. Hoovler said at least four overdoses were attributed to drugs Grasley and her acquaintances sold.

“You have four children, none of whom are in your custody,” Leuthold said. “At least with two of the pregnancies you were using heroin, specifically with the child you just gave birth to. If I let you out of jail to have a healthy baby and you abided by the terms and returned to jail after giving birth. That goes in your favor. But you subjected your unborn child to heroin and sold dangerous drugs to people you know.”

In another case, Grasley’s co-defendant Joseph Phillips, 21, of Bucyrus, changed his plea in Crawford County Common Pleas Court. Appearing with his attorney, Joel Spitzer, Phillips pleaded guilty to one count of possession of drugs and one count of trafficking in drugs.

He will serve 30 months in prison and must forfeit all drug related property to the Bucyrus Police Department.

Phillips admitted to traveling to Mansfield to buy drugs for resale.

When asked by Leuthold if he knew the drugs were laced with fentanyl, Phillips replied: “I plead the fifth.”

By Kathy Laird