Galion students celebrate Thanksgiving

GALION — Students who attend Galion City School spent time celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday Tuesday, prior to the start of the district’s fall break.

Galion Intermediate School students began their day with a presentation from Rev. Dr. Wilson Mugambi Marimi. Dr. Mugambi, originally from Kenya, received his Doctor of Ministry from Ashland Theological Seminary where he majored in Transformational Leadership.

“Dr. Mugambi spent time with our students discussing what it truly means to be thankful and grateful for those things they have in the lives,” said Alex Sharick, Intermediate School Principal. “He shared the gratitude he feels from his meager beginnings in Kenya to earning his doctorate degree and being a United States citizen. It was a very moving presentation that our students enjoyed greatly.”

Galion Primary Preschool students enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with classmates and family members. More than 200 people, including residents from a local nursing home, enjoyed the meal prepared by students’ family members in both the morning and afternoon class sessions.

“This is the second year for our Thanksgiving Feast, and it was a great success,” said Suzanne Woodmansee, Preschool Teacher. “This wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of Columbia Gas, Discount Drug Mart, Taylor’s Restaurant, the Voss family and the Beck family.”

Primary School staff members and district administrators, including School Resource Officer Burwell, served the meal to the attendees. Members of the Primary School’s Leader in Me Student Lighthouse Team served as greeters and helped serve the meal as well.

Sixth grade students at Galion Middle School dressed up for a formal etiquette dinner as well. Students studied The 55 Essential Rules by Ron Clark during Tiger Time, with the “ABC’s of Etiquette” being one of the rules covered in the book.

“Our teachers did an outstanding job organizing this special event for our students this year,” said Joe Morabito, Middle School Principal. “Today was a huge success thanks to our parents who volunteered their time to serve the meal to students, as well as those parents who donated many of the essential items needed for the event. Thank you to each of you for your time and your donations.”

The business community was involved in this year’s event. The Brown Derby Roadhouse donated mashed potatoes and gravy.

“It’s wonderful to see our students and staff taking the time to learn about the holiday and celebrate it together,” said Jim Grubbs, Galion Superintendent. “On behalf of the Galion City School District, I’d like to wish our families and the Galion community a Happy Thanksgiving.”


Staff report