Bucyrus 5th graders leaving legacy on Redmen Walk

BUCYRUS – Bucyrus City Schools recently brought a piece of history back to life with the re-dedication of the historic bell that once sat atop the Union School. Since the re-dedication, the district has given current students and staff, alumni, retired staff and community members the opportunity to leave their legacy on the Redmen Walk.

The fifth-grade team at Bucyrus Elementary School had been searching for a way that their current students could leave their legacy atthe school.

“A Redmen Walk brick seemed like the perfect way for the outgoing fifth graders to commemorate their time at BES,” said fifth grade teacher Leah Barger. “Fifth grade students are cherished members of our school community and will be missed by many who have watched them enter the building as kindergartners and grow into fifth graders.”

Originally, students set a goal to collect enough change to purchase a $50 paver. By the end of the week of January 23, the students had collected enough change to purchase a $100 brick on the Redmen Walk.

“Throughout the week, Hannah Scott and Hannah Grimes collected and counted the change,” said Barger. “We kept a daily chart of how much change was collected and used a bar graph to show our progression towards the goal.”

While students have yet to decide what will be engraved on their brick, they are excited to see their paver and visit it for many years to come.

“I want to commend the fifth-grade team for presenting this idea to their students and helping them find ways to integrate this fundraiser into learning activities,” said Superintendent Kevin Kimmel. “I hope that other classes will follow the lead of this fifth-grade class and forever leave their mark on the Redmen Walk.”

Orders are still being accepted through March 15, 2017. Orders can be placed online at http://bucyrusschools.org/community/redmen_walk, or by visiting one of the buildings in the district. Those purchasing a paver will receive a certificate of purchase.

For more information about the “Redmen Walk”, please visit the school district website or call the Lincoln Administrative Center at 419-562-4045.