During this crisis, keep supporting your community

During this crisis, keep supporting your community

Over the course of the past week, life has changed dramatically right before our eyes. Our communities, that were founded on hard work, now face adversity like we have never experienced in our lifetime. It’s been amazing to see businesses transform within hours and days; distilleries producing hand sanitizer, barbershops hosting food drives; schools delivering meals to students, dance and exercise studios offering virtual classes. The list goes on…

Crestline is strong. Galion is strong. Crawford County is strong. We are resilient. Together we will all come out of this stronger, with more compassion and innovation than ever.

During this time, please consider doing one or more of the following to support our local economy:

  • Purchase a gift card online to use at a later date. This will help the business with cash flow (they still have bills to pay despite many of them being temporarily closed).
  • Participate in the Chamber’s Facebook giveaway.
  • Engage online with your favorite businesses. Share and comment on their posts.
  • If you have a membership or subscription to a business, continue paying it if you can.
  • Order take out or delivery and over-tip if you have the means.
  • Ask a business owner how you can help. This kind gesture will go a long way.
  • Have a local restaurant charge your card for a specific amount. Reach out to first responders and health care providers and let them know that coffee, lunch, etc. is on you.

When you support a local business, shout it from the rooftops (at a safe distance, of course!) via social media. Take a photo, tag the business and let your friends and family know how they too can help our local businesses during this time of uncertainty.

We may not be able to control much of what is happening around us, but we can control how we come together as a community. Let’s continue to stay positive, check in on one another and support our local businesses. And please let the Galion-Crestline Area Chamber know how we can be of further assistance by contacting me directly at [email protected]

Miranda Jones

Executive Director

Galion-Crestline Area Chamber of Commerce