PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Stoplights at Ohio 598 and Brandt Road will be activated this morning

By Russ Kent | Galion Inquirer

GALION — Sometimes progress can be painful … even fatal.

I hope that is not the case today and in the coming weeks with the activation of new stoplights at Ohio 598 and Brandt Road.

Matt Echelberry, communications director with the city of Galion, said the lights will be activated this morning, sometime around 10 a.m.

That is going to be a huge change for those who have been driving through that intersection for years.

These stoplights have been talked about for months, if not years. Still, there are some in Galion and adjacent communities who have no idea a drastic change in the traffic flow on the city’s north side is imminent.

Photo courtesy City of Galion … New traffic lights were installed last month at Ohio 598 and Brandt Road in Galion. They were inspected last week and have been on a ‘flashing mode’ for a week. Today, they will be turned on and drivers must abide by the new traffic patterns. Please be careful. The life you save could be your own, or a friend or loved one.


Please, for your own health, and the safety of others, be alert when approaching and using that interaction.

There has been a lot of anger — and a bit of road rage, too — the past couple years as traffic has increased in that part of Galion. There have been several accidents caused by a lack of attention, or simply the impatience of one or more drivers who may have been late for work, or a meeting, or an appointment.

Traffic flow on major roads do not change very often. Traffic patterns are something that sadly, become habit. And habits are hard to change.

Changes in traffic patterns can lead to frustration, anger, impatience, surprises, bad decisions, recklessness and crashes.

Be vigilant at Ohio 598 and Brandt Road in the coming days and weeks.

Watch out for others who may not be paying attention.

A few weeks ago, a traffic light was removed on Church Street near the site of the old high school. There have been several accidents reported there, and that traffic is not moving near as fast as the traffic moves at Ohio 598 and Brandt Road.

If you’re an adult driver, be extra vigliant in that area. Heed the traffic flow. Pay attention to the stoplights. Be alert to the traffic coming at you from all directions at that intersections.

If you have children or parents or friends who drive in that area, remind them about the change that will be implemented today.

And keep reminding them.

It will be weeks, if not months, before usage of those stoplights becomes a habit.

Pay attention. Get rid of distractions, including cell phones.

When you approach the intersection, make certain you do not run a red night … and don’t stop at a green light. Either could result in an crash … and a death.

Approach that intersection with caution — and pay attention to others in the area. Every driver in the area may not be as cognizant as you are.

Be cautions. Be alert. Be aware.

The life you save may be your own.