City dealing with water valve break in Park Avenue, West Summit Street area

GALION — A water valve blew near the Park Avenue, West Summit Street intersection overnight. One neighbor reported hearing water running about 1 a.m. when he took his dog for a short walk.

At this time, workers with the City of Galion are using a pump to try  to get all the water out of the ground so they can make permanent repairs to the broken valve.

Photo by Russ Kent
Before repairs can be made to a broken valve in a water line on Park Avenue in Galion, water needs to be pumped from the hole created by leaking water.


Residents in the area could be affected when water is shut off to do the repairs. That includes residences on Park Avenue (all); Center Street (all); Westgate Road (all); Southern Avenue (all); Bel Air Drive (all)
Edgewood Drive (all); North Union (from Erie to Westgate); West Summit Street (from North Union to the west end)

It is hoped that water service will be restored in approximately two hours. The intersection of Park Avenue and West Summit Street will be closed to vehicular traffic while repairs are being made.