Galion City Schools Hall of Fame applications being sought

GALION — The Connections Hall of Fame Committee is accepting nominations for the 2019 Hall of Fame class starting Mthrough June 1, 2019. This year’s class will be inducted during the Connections Weekend activities Saturday, Oct. 5.

To nominate an alumnus or retired staff member for the Hall of Fame, nomination forms must be completed with basic information about the candidate and the reason for their nomination.

Full biographic information can be completed after the submission date.

Nomination forms are available to download online at, at the Galion City School District Board of Education offices or a nomination form can be completed online at All nomination forms must be submitted by June 1.

Sponsored by the Galion Alumni Association, a Hall of Fame induction ceremony has been held each year since 2009. There are currently 36 members in the hall of fame. The event is held each year during Connections Weekend, which is planned during the high school football season and is an effort to get as many GHS graduates and friends and family to come to Galion as possible.

What is the Galion Alumni Association?

This information is courtesy of the Galion Alumni Association website. Where nomination forms also are available.

The Galion Alumni Association entered 2019 with high expectations for the organization in the Future. We have with open arms, welcomed new members into our fold with several accepting positions on the Board of Directors. We have already experienced the dividends of having these younger alumni stepping up to accept the challenge of renewing interest in the Galion Alumni Association.

Membership in 2018 reached 160 dues paying members, of which 85 were Lifetime Members. This year, three members chose the Lifetime Membership option and we thank them for their dedication to the Association. Most of our annual members are individuals or couples that maintain their memberships year after year. We would like to encourage those members that are local to participate by attending the monthly meetings and becoming a member of the Board of Directors or participating in the activities of the Alumni Association. There is always the opportunity for all to relay suggestions for activities that would appeal to you. Alumni Association information and activity updates may be found either on the Galion Alumni Association website or Facebook page.

Current alumni association members are Brian Treisch, president; Joe Kleinknecht, vice president; Steve Melchoir, treasurer; and Bill Durtschi, secretary; Karen Flowers, Nadia Oehler, Kelly Phelps, Sarah Wegesin and Meghan Tyrell.
Connections Weekend acvities are Oct. 4-5, 2019


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