Be aware of parking bans during coming storm

GALION — It won’t be easy keeping Galion steets clean this weekend if the expected heavy snowfall arives. But the City of Galion Service Department is going to try and they would like your help.

There are designated snow streets in Galion. There are parking bans for these streets.

Chapter 355 of the codified ordinances prohibits street parking on designated streets within 24 hours after a snowfall of three inches of accumulation or greater. If you normally park on one of these streets, please be prepared to move your vehicles on Saturday.

Designated snow streets are: Harding Way East/West; Church Street (all); North Jefferson Street (between Church Street and Harding Way West); Liberty Street (between Church Street and Atwood Street); Columbus Street (between Church Street and Walnut Street); Market Street (all); Union Street (between Church Street and Walnut Street); Atwood Street (between Boston Street and Erie railroad tracks); Walnut Street (between Union Street and Liberty Street); South Boston Street (between Harding Way West and Grove Avenue); Grove Avenue (between South Boston Street and Portland Way South).

This gives plow trucks more clearance to remove snow. Parking may resume after the snow has been cleared.

Staff report