December Property Transfers in Crawford County

These Property Transfers were recorded in Crawford County in December 2018:

Angelina J. Wenner and David A. Wenner, Co-Trustees to C. M. Fox Holdings, LLC, 236-238 South Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $120,000

Ronald E. Lutz and Connie K. Lutz to Jeremy K. Parsons, Jamie Parsons, Samuel L. Parsons, 796 Surrey Dr., Galion, $144,000

Douglas J. Snyder, Trustee to Kenneth R. and Vicky J. Garverick, 763 New Winchester Center Rd., Bucyrus, $125,000

Lori J. Beers, Trustee to Daniel C. Grau and Gidget L. Grau, 219.178 Acres, Whetstone Twp. , Wincester Rd., Monnett Chapel Rd.,$550,000

William H. Combs and Michael L. Combs and Kip W. Combs to Yinz Brothers, LLC, 0 Andrews Rd., Bucyrus, $22,500

Red Oak Tree, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company to Ohio Power Co., Stevens Rd., Cranberry Twp., Easement, $4,818

Douglas E. Karl to Ohio Power Co., 6449 Wynn Rd., New Washington, Easement, $1,408

Timothy L. Keller, Successor Trustee of Edna A. Keller Trust to Michael S. Hicks and Alisha A. Hicks, 6958 Remlinger Rd., Crestline, $115,000

Key Bank Associates, Inc. c/o Fidelity Land Title to KJ Enterprises of Ohio, LLC, 231 Walker St., Galion, $24.200

Brian L. Rhodes, Co-Trustee and Valerie K. Rhodes, Co-Trustee to Erik Sobers and Sheila A. Sobers, 7774 Boundary Rd., New Washington, $189,900

Stacey L. Russell and Michael K. Sparks and Rachel L. Hinton to Levi Shaffer, 120 East Atwood St., Galion, $57,500

Robert M. Vasil to Greg A. Leonhardt, 301 N. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $155,000

Joanne Anderson Richardson to Vernon Lewis and Deana Marie Williams, 122 Kincora Dr., Bucyrus, $140,000

Tommie Dale Rarick and Joyce A. Rarick to Bakers Real Estate Investments, LLC, 201 N. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $230,000

Rexford V. Goyer to The Machaira Group, LLC, 626, 628, 630 West Warren St., Bucyrus, $105,000

Richard F. Kruse, Private Selling Officer to U.S. Bank. NA as successor in interest to Bank of America*, 909 Faustina Ave., Bucyrus, $28,000

Schwaderer RJA LLC to Ohio Power Co., 5844 Mahl Rd., Cranberry Twp., Easement $1,573

E. Jane Phenicle, Trustee to Ohio Power Co., 6875 McConnell Rd., Auburn Twp., Easement $3,230

Gene H. and Beverly J. Brause to Honey Creek Wind, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, SR 100, SR 103, 775, SR 103, 6946 Knauss Rd., Woodside Rd., 6754 Knauss Rd., Crawford Wyandot Line, Lykens Twp., Texas Twp., Easement, $1,300

Donna M. Ireton to Tracey L. Howard, 947 Reid St., Bucyrus, $4,060

Burkhart Farms, LLC to Hollis E. Walter and Lorraine S. Walter, 17.93 Acres, Monnett Chapel Rd., Whetstone Twp. $134,100

Yasha Persson to Kevin W. Swart, 326 W. Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $18,447

Rasp Real Estate to Zorns & Byers, Ltd., 525 Union St., Bucyrus, $24,000

Shawn M. Henderson to Jamie L. See, 710 Larwill St., Crestline, $57,500

Mary Colleen Maurer and Cinda Kay Main to Kenneth E. Schneider and Joyce M. Schneider, 791 Bel Air Dr., Galion, $75,000

Lisa R. Schifer to Steve R. Wallrabenstein and Dawn Wallrabenstein, 910 Melody Lane, Bucyrus, $127,000

Brian V. Snyder to Steven Willman and Jerri Ann Willman, 5427 State Route 19, Galion, $42,000

Timothy L. Hosey to Helayna R. Merritt, 414 Lawn Ave., Bucyrus, $75,000

Jeremy M. Eichhorn to Randy S. Rose, Jr., 1120 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $71,800

Robert A. Johnston, unmarried to Timothy A. Petersen, 329 Harding Way West, Galion, $12,000

Rhonda L. Breit to Hey Anesthesia LLC, 244 E. Payne Ave., Galion, $78,000

Ronald Kent Administrator Helen M. Kent to Everett H. Fortner and Naomi R. Fortner, 210 Franklin Court, Bucyrus, $26,900

Ruby E. Zieg, deceased to John W. Miller and Karin K. Miller, 511 Center St., Galion, $63,000

David V. Dolland and Diane L. Dolland, husband and wife to Mark A. Christensen, Trustee, 112 S. Market St., Galion, $42,000

Steven D. Dobbins and Marna R. Dobbins to Luke T. Scott, 1320 Temple Rd., Bucyrus, $155,000

Joshua E. Muchow & Michelle to Tyler Dempsey, 1104 Mount Zion Rd., Bucyrus, $97,000

Joyce A. Brown, a married woman to Jean M. Morrow, 405 Martin Ave., Bucyrus, $42,000

Brandon Lee Jones to Abel B. Gorka and Michelle Gorka, 530 E. Brandt Rd., Galion, $75,000

Deborah K. Miller, Trustee of the Nedolast Family Irrevocable Trust to Ohio Power Co., Wynn Rd., Easement, $1,066.80

Yinz Brothers, LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Co., to Accurate Tax and Business Services LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability*, 613 N. Columbus St. & 270 Heiser Ct., Crestline, $36,000

Joe M. Vencill and Dorothy L. Vencill to William Thoroughman, 930 E. Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $36,000

Capretta, Casey C., et al by private selling officer Rick Kigar to PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, 333 Hetrick Dr., Galion, $37,500*

Sandra Short, Trustee to Stephen W. Cuffman and Penny S. Cuffman, 1355 Southland Ave., Bucyrus, $170,000

Lauren L. Nieder to Karen A. Miller, 221 West Oakwood, Bucyrus, $33,000

Todd E. Roston & Sara E. Roston to Chet Sutter & Holly A. Sutter, 1890 Biddle Rd., Galion, $186,500

Janet P Strauch to Donald R & Pamela K Lynch, 126 West Thrush Ave., Crestline, $112,000

Donald I Schifer to Bakers Real Estate, 214 N Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $106,000

Mary Ekleberry to Amanda L & Benjamin A Blubaugh, 261 Chevy Chase Dr., Galion, $112,000

Claudine A Robertson to Melissa & Donald S Cornwell, 304 E Payne Ave., Galion, $55,000

Robert W & Deborah A Dretzka to Mark & Tammy Collins, 311 Hensley, Galion, $12,500

Laura Little, Trustee of the Laura L Little Rev. Living Trust, 760 Heise Park Lane, Galion, $131,500

Kenneth W & Christine A Berry to Lauren T Lahman, 930 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $50,000

Jennifer L Baker to Dize & Karen Bright, Knorr Rd., Galion, $30,000

Mark A Christensen, Trustee to Kent R & Susan F Gimbel, 150 S Boston St., Galion, $48,000

William F Behr to Ronald Pinion, 4637 Stetzer Rd., Bucyrus, $2,600

Renda Thomas to HSBC Bank USA, as Trustee, 638Hopley Ave., Bucyrus, $23,334

First Federal Community Bank to Thomas B Warren, 512 Bucyrus St., New Washington, $45,000

Joyce D Kraly fka Joyce D Smith to Michael C & Tamara L Stevens, 3050 St Rt 61, Crestline, $80,155.

Marcheta K Gibson, Danny R Phillips, Jackson P Phillips, Debra Barker to Jackson P & Shelley L Phillips, Nazor Rd., Crestline, $80,000

Mikinzee L Pollard to Adam M Estep & Kari L Gledhill, 310 Fifth Ave., Galion, $21,500

Charles K & Jean A Pratt to Jeremiah Meek, 6930 Leesville Rd., Crestline, $25,000

Bob’s Fair Price Station to M. Zeger Ltd., 501 Harding Way East, Galion, $40,000

Bruce T & Barbara L Heinlen to Emily A McElhatten, 601 Jump St., Bucyrus, $48,000

Rebecca A Hieber to Emily A McElhatten, 601 Jump St., Bucyrus, $48,000

Kevin W Swart to Kenneth D & Dorothy D Emerson, 720 West Perry St., Bucyrus, $65,000

Anna Greer to Shaine A & Pamela L Taylor, 6814 Leesville Rd., Crestline, $9,000

Mark H Harris, Trustee to James R Brady, 1019 Hull Ave., Bucyrus, $27,000

Terry L Carlisle to Sheila Baird, 1206 North High St., $40,000

Todd L Casto & Brandy A Myers to Jacob Harper, 142 N. Union St., Galion, $14,000

Donna G Raggas, Valerie L Carmel & Ruth Ann Rogers to Donald & Susan Ebert, 960 Snowmass Dr., Galion, $205,000

Richard R & Garnet R Gardner to Wanda V Hurst, 130 Emerson St., Bucyrus, $71,000

Alger Investments, LLC to Kaizen Management, LLC, 416 & 418 W Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $24,900

Kevin R Faeth & Richard F Faeth, Trustee to Mark & Tammy Collins, 139 South Riblet St., Galion, $15,000

Kevin Williams to OB Farms LLC, 1130 Orr Rd., $10.00

Randal R & Janet K Randolph to James D Thurston, 537 East Walnut St., Galion, $750

Michael E & Cynthia S Miller to Michael G & Jennifer A Middleton, 921 S Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $40,400

Jean A Kottyan to Brian & Tabatha Bell, 830 Woodale St., Bucyrus, $69,900

IA Partners to Burkhart Farms, LLC, 717 Poe Rd., Bucyrus, $284,500

Unknown beneficiaries of the Estate of Brenda K Baldwin to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 935 East Walnut St., Galion, $26,667

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure