County Road 330, Ohio 602 intersection will become an all-way stop Friday (Dec. 21)

CRAWFORD COUNTY — The intersection at State Route 602 and Old Lincoln Hwy (County Road 330) will be changed to all-way stop control. The traffic control changes will go into effect Friday, December 21.

Ohio 602 and Old Lincoln Hwy (CR 330) currently is a two-way stop controlled intersection with vehicles on Ohio 602 required to stop and yield to vehicles on County Road 330. There is also an overhead flasher at the intersection, which flashes red to SR 602 and yellow to CR 330.

The amount of traffic on hio 602 and Count Road 330 is similar on both roads, so all-way stop is an appropriate alternative for operational and safety reasons. Installing all-way stop control at the intersection will help move northbound and southbound traffic through its intersection and reduce angle and left turn crashes at the intersection.

In order to convert the intersection to all-way stop control, “Stop” signs and “Stop Ahead” warning signs will be installed on County Road 330 and the overhead flasher will be modified to flash red to all four approaches.

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Information Office at 419-207-7181 or email at [email protected]


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