Catching up with the Crestline swim teams

By Chad Clinger -

11th Annual Small School Invitational

GAMBIER — On Saturday, December 16, the Crestline Bulldogs swim teams were in action at Kenyon College for the 11th Annual Small School Invitational hosted by Mount Vernon High School.

In total, there were 22 girls teams and 17 boys teams in action on the day. On the girls side, the Lady Bulldogs finished 15th overall with 57 points. The boys team landed in 11th overall with a total of 45.5 points.

Mount Vernon was the champion in the girls competiton, finishing with 251 points to edge Grove City (238). Grove City won over on the boys side of things with 343 points to defeat Tri-Valley by 117 points (226).

Relay results from the day for Crestline were: Alex Miller, Michaela Jeffrey, Kinsey Kenison and Ivy Stewart- 17th, 200-yard medley relay; Logan Parrella, Trenton Gray, Alec Sipes and Keagen Sqrow- 18th, 200-medley relay; Stewart, Mariah Mosier, Caitlin Harley and Brynn Cheney- 22nd, 200-yard freestyle relay; Jaden Stewart, Sipes, Gray and Sqrow- 12th, 200-free relay and Jeffrey, Miller, Brooke Reynolds and Kenison- 8th, 400-free relay.

Individual Bulldogs results were: Jeffrey- 12th, 200-free and 10th, 500-free; Cheney- 11th, 200-yard individual medley and 36th, 100-free; Kenison- 10th, 100-yard backstroke and 17th, 50-free; Miller- 26th, 100-back; Sipes- 12th, 100-yard breaststroke and 29th, 100-free; Gray- 1:24.33, 100-breast and 23rd, 50-free; Reynolds- 34th, 50-free and 35th, 100-free; I. Stewart- 46th, 50-free and 63rd, 100-free; Harley- 54th, 50-free and 50th, 100-free; Desi Hunt- 65th, 50-free; Jacelynn Batcheller- 75th, 50-free; Mosier- 78th, 50-free; Sqrow- 16th, 50-free and 29th, 100-free; J. Stewart- 20th, 50-free and Parrella- 34th, 50-free.

On Monday, December 18th, the ‘Dogs will travel to the Bucyrus YMCA to swim in a quad-meet. A trip to Mount Gilead and another quad-meet awaits Crestline on Wednesday, December 20.

Abehr Invitational

SANDUSKY — Back on Saturday, December 9, the Crestline swimmers traveled to Sandusky High School to compete in the Abehr Invitational.

The Lady ‘Dogs finished 12th out of 13 places with nine points while the boys team did not place. Norwalk won the girls championship over hosting Sandusky; 205-202. The home Blue Streaks won the boys championship over runner-up Upper Sandusky; 250-168.

Relay results for the Bulldogs were: Miller, Jeffrey, Kenison and Harley- 17th, 200-medley relay; Parrella, Gray, Sipes and Sqrow- 17th, 200-medley relay; Harley, Mosier, I. Stewart and Reynolds- 15th, 200-free relay and Jeffrey, Reynolds, Miller and Kenison- 10th, 400-free relay.

Individual event results for Crestline were: Gray- 16th, 100-breast and 35th, 100-free; Kenison- 16th, 100-back and 8th, 50-free; Miller- 22nd, 100-back; Jeffrey- 9th, 500-free and 13th, 200-free; Reynolds- 29th, 100-free and 25th, 50-free; I. Stewart- 60th, 100-free and 52nd, 50-free; Harley- 63rd, 100-free; Sqrow- 28th, 100-free and 26th, 50-free; Batcheller- 74th, 50-free; Mosier- 77th, 50-free; J. Stewart- 27th, 50-free and Parrella- 48th, 50-free.

Girls: Orrville 141, Madison 91 and Crestline 38

Boys: Orrville 144, Madison 110 and Crestline 23

ORRVILLE — Both the Crestline boys and girls swim teams placed third in a tri-meet with the hosting Orrville Red Riders and the Madison Rams back on Thursday, December 7.

Relays results for Crestline were: Miller, Jeffrey, Kenison and I. Stewart- 3rd, 200-medley relay; Parrella, Gray, Sipes and Sqrow- 5th, 200-medley relay; Miller, Mosier, I. Stewart and Harley- 4th, 200-free relay; Sipes, J. Stewart, Sqrow and Gray- 4th, 200-free relay and Jeffrey, Harley, Miller and Kenison- 4th, 400-free relay.

Individual placements for the visiting Bulldogs were: Jeffrey- 4th, 200-free and 4th, 500-free; Sipes- 3rd, 100-breast and 6th, 100-free; Gray- 4th, 100-breast and 14th, 100-free; Kenison- 4th, 100-back and 3rd, 50-free; Miller- 6th, 100-back; Harley- 5th, 100-free; I. Stewart- 6th, 100-free and 6th, 50-free; Sqrow- 5th, 100-free and 5th, 50-free; Batcheller- 13th, 50-free; Mosier- 14th, 50-free; J. Stewart- 6th, 50-free and Parrella- 14th, 50-free.

By Chad Clinger

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