New courses are winners with Galion High School students

GALION — Two new courses at Galion High School are challenging students, while helping prepare them for college and beyond.

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Integrated Productions Technology were introduced at the start of the current school.

Instructors Bobby Gossom and John Denoon spent their summers completing course work to teach the classes. Denoon completed the Advanced Technology for Design and Production course at Georgia Tech, while Gossom completed the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management training course at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

“The Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management program is essentially a business problem solving course,” said Gossom. “Students learn about supply chains for selected resources and use that knowledge to manage the logistics of that good or service.”

“Integrated Productions Technology is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) on steroids,” said Denoon. “The course is designed for freshmen through seniors, and prepares students for their choice of college or a career after high school.”

Global Logistics management encompasses the planning stages of the transportation of a product across the globe in that particular company’s supply chain. Integrated Productions Technology offers students the complexities of the workplace like making decisions on the spot, working out problems that occur without notice and working in teams by depending on others to fulfill their obligations.

“Students completed a Solid Edge 3D Microsoft supported CAD program and performed work task that included drawing a 3D drafting triangle, drafting a 3D raised coin of the students’ choice and a 3D train with track,” said Denoon. “The students drew the parts and pieces of the train and assembled the train using the software program.”

In Gossom’s class: “Students recently completed a project where they identify a supply chain disruption for a product or service and come up with a solution to improve or fix it,” he explained. “Upcoming projects include locating a distribution center, inventory management, warehouse design, contingency planning, and insourcing vs. outsourcing.”

The Integrated Productions Technology and Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management are being offered to students to keep them at Galion High School.

“I decided to take the Integrated Productions Technology course this year because I have an interest in the production process of technology,” said Joah Singer, Galion High School sophomore. “The best part of the course has been working with Computer Aided Design (CAD).”

“This class (Integrated Productions Technology) isn’t for those that don’t like to work,” said Brady Bonham, a senior at GHS. “My favorite part of the course has been using the 3D printer for different projects.”

The district implemented both courses to provide more advanced career-type courses for all Galion students. The district works with SREB (Southern Regional Education Board), the parent group who oversees High Schools That Work, which Galion is a participating member, have established these programs with open enrollment requirements that allow all students the opportunity at Galion High School to take either course.

“As high school is a time of discovery in regard to future and career planning, we wanted to increase the number of choices that we provide students that have a direct impact on their career options,” said Paul Wheeler, Director of Academics, Assessment, and Federal Programs. “We are able to provide high level, project based, real world courses for all students, and these fields have career options, especially in the areas of manufacturing, technology, and supply chain management.”

Both programs are four course sequences to investigate and experience all aspects of the career field. Mr. Denoon and Mr. Gossom have completed training in the first course, and will spend multiple weeks over the summer being trained on each course, partake in the projects, and work with other educators to adapt the lessons for their students.

“I want to commend Mr. Denoon and Mr. Gossom for their willingness to expand their educational backgrounds and their commitment to providing real world courses to Galion students,” said Jim Grubbs, Galion Superintendent. “These programs are perfect examples of the direction the Galion City School District is moving to help provide students with the training and skills they need to be successful after high school without ever leaving the city limits.”


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