Lady Tigers have a rough outing in New Washington

By Chad Clinger -

NEW WASHINGTON — On the morning of Saturday, September 30, the Galion Lady Tigers volleyball team headed to Buckeye Central High School for a tri-match with the hosting Buckettes and the other visiting squad, the New Riegel Lady Blue Jackets.

Facing tough competition, the Lady Tigers would lose a match for the first time in two weeks, falling to both New Riegel and Buckeye Central. With the two losses, Galion is now 14-5 overall on the season but remain undefeated at 11-0 in the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference.

Galion Lady Tigers 1, New Riegel Lady Blue Jackets 2

Against the squad from New Riegel, Galion would start sluggish, losing the first set 9-25. The Tigers bounced back to take the second set from the Jackets; 25-19 before dropping set number three; 17-25.

Service stats from this match for Galion were: Team- 40/44, 24 points and 4 aces; Abby Foust- 9/10, 8 points and 2 aces; Nicole Thomas- 10/11, 8 points; Kayla Hardy- 9/10, 4 points and an ace; Kate Schieber- 6/6, 3 points and an ace; Jaden Ivy- 4/4, point and Kasidee Sinclair- 2/3.

Offensive stats versus New Riegel were: Team- 27 kills and 24 assists; Marisa Gwinner- 14 kills; Samantha Comer- 6 kills; Ivy- 3 kills; Sinclair- 2 kills; Gillian Miller- kill; Schieber- kill, assist and Hardy- 23 assists.

Defensive stats for the Lady Tigers were: Team- 4 blocks and 50 digs; Gwinner- 3 blocks, 5 digs; Comer- block, 2 digs; Ivy- block, 10 digs; Hardy- block, 12 digs; Sinclair and Thomas- 6 digs each; Foust- 5 digs and Schieber- 4 digs.

Galion Lady Tigers 0, Buckeye Central Buckettes 2

The first set between these two squads was kept close but it was the hosting Buckettes earning the win; 25-23. In the second set, Buckeye Central would keep plenty of distance between themselves and the Lady Tigers and win easily; 25-14.

Service stats against Buckeye Central were: Team- 28/34, 16 points and an ace; Hardy- 7/7, 5 points; Sinclair- 5/6, 3 points; Schieber- 4/6, 3 points; Foust- 5/6, 2 points; Thomas- 3/4, 2 points and an ace and Ivy- 4/5, point.

Offensive statistics for Galion: Team- 22 kills, 21 assists; Gwinner- 12 kills; Comer- 6 kills; Ivy- 4 kills and Hardy- 21 assists.

Defensive stats versus the Buckettes were: Team- 3 blocks and 34 digs; Gwinner- 3 blocks, dig; Ivy- block, 10 digs; Sinclair- 7 digs; Hardy- 6 digs; Thomas- 4 digs; Foust- 3 digs; Schieber and Miller- dig each.

Galion will look to bounce back with two MOAC matches awaiting them in the next week. On Tuesday, the Lady Tigers will play host to the North Union Lady Wildcats in the Volley For The Cure game. A road trip to Ontario and a clash with the Lady Warriors is in store for Galion on Wednesday, October 4.

By Chad Clinger

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