Bucyrus community, we have another “project” for you!

Bucyrus Area community; Do we have another “project” for you!

That’s because we are Projects, Inc., a local non-profit organization in our own right, but also a support organization of The Community Foundation for Crawford County. We’re the ones who own The Great American Crossroads Mural, Liberty Remembers Our Veterans Mural and Millennium Park, including the fountain. We pay for mural repairs, park upkeep, and ready the fountain for the change of seasons. And those are just a few of our “projects.”

You may remember that back in 2013, mural artist Eric Grohe was back in town making repairs to both the American Crossroads and Liberty Remembers Our Veterans Murals after water damage. As all good things require effort and maintenance over time, we once again need to repair a large crack on the American Crossroads Mural on the square. Keeping our prized mural beautiful doesn’t come cheap!

This repair is projected to cost around $17,200, which will include the masonry repair, repainting once the masonry work is finished, and rental of a lift to complete both jobs. While there is an endowment fund at the Foundation whose earnings and income are given to the Murals Operating Fund of Projects, Inc. once each year, that annual amount is only enough for insurance and small upkeep and repairs, nothing major like this new crack.

That’s where you can help! We are asking our community to help us reach our goal of $17,200 so that this beautiful and unique piece of art can continue to be a source of pride for us all. Any amount collected over what’s needed is also helpful as we incur other expenses like IRS filing fees, accounting charges, and insurance coverage. After all, we’re all volunteers.

The best part is your donation is also tax deductible! Just make out your check payable to Projects, Inc., and mail or drop off to The Community Foundation for Crawford County at 254 E. Mansfield St., Bucyrus. Please show your community pride and join us in this worthwhile endeavor!

Warm regards,

Projects, Inc. board members

Mike Hoffman, Chair John Kennedy, Treasurer Andrea Presler, Secretary Ken Cameron, Rick Niese, Dr. Joe Shadeed