Sherrod Brown, why won’t you support border wall?

Why won’t you support border wall?

Sen. Sherrod Brown:

I hope the good lord blessed you and yours this Christmas with his gifts of life, love, joy, peace, salvation and, of course, reason. As we move into the new year, we look back and remember what the last year has taught us.

You have to admit the last couple of years have taught us much about the liberals who are trying to destroy our nation with lies and hate, while manipulating us with emotions based on those lies. I could spell that all out for you, but you know the truth of it. We will work and pray that all of this goes away.

What I need to know now is where do you stand on our national security. I do not see you offering to vote for national security. I understand all liberals voted to build the wall at one time, but now that President Trump can and will make it happen, you won’t support it. You are just like a bunch of donkeys (your mascot) who are looking out for themselves, with hatred for our president and disregard for the safety of your fellow citizens and this nation.

You give lip service to our security interest, but you do not stand up and support the border wall (electric, steel, concrete or surveillance, etc.). It’s time that you stand up and represent your constituents. It’s time that you took your oath seriously, instead of protecting your paycheck and the liberal liars that rule your party.

Be a man. Be a patriot. Please reply like a man.

I put this in the Galion Inquirer, and we all await your reply.

Jim Erwin