School Resource Officer was needed

It’s good to see that the Galion School District added a School Resource Officer.

The Galion City School District Board of Education voted Thursday to approve a Memorandum of Understanding with the Galion Police Department which provides Lt. Lynn Sterling for the position.

Sterling is a fantastic choice for the role.

She’s tough, but fair and friendly. It’s a perfect combination for today’s students.

Sterling will split her time equally between the high school, middle school and primary school.

“The decision made tonight is a proactive step to provide an even safer learning environment for our students, staff and administrators,” Board of Education President Dennis Long said. “I am excited for the educational programs that Lt. Sterling will be providing for our students and staff.”

It’s good that the officer will play an active role in the buildings.

This is the first time the school district and City of Galion have collaborated to provide an officer and it’s great to see the cooperation shown here.

“The communication between the city and school district is ongoing so that we can identify issues and work together to find resolutions,” said Mayor Tom O’Leary during the meeting.

These are conversations that need to continue between the city and school district. Working together makes a lot more sense for everyone.

O’Leary’s description of the solution being a win-win for everyone is spot on.

Sterling’s duties as the School Resource Officer will focus on three specific areas: crime prevention, law enforcement and educational programming.

It’s a lot more involved than simply helping prevent violence in the schools.

“Lt. Sterling has already made a positive impact by riding buses to deter unruliness, she’s helped teachers resolve classroom issues and is working to help alleviate after school parking issues at the Primary School,” police chief Brian Saterfield said.

Sterling will also be responsible for organizing the annual Safety Town program for Galion children, which was a big hit last year.

We applaud the city and district working together on this venture and we look forward to see what happens next.