Low gas prices are great for all

Wonder why you’re hearing a lot of celebration from area gas stations?

Reports are that current prices are the cheapest in over 12 years.

GasBuddy reports that nine states in the nation have the lowest average gasoline prices since early 2004: Oklahoma ($1.37), Indiana ($1.46), Kansas ($1.46), Ohio ($1.48), Michigan ($1.49), Minnesota ($1.52), Wisconsin ($1.54), Illinois ($1.57) and North Dakota ($1.63).

Officials say the trend is due to oil refiners offering low prices to sell winter-spec gas before a pending shift to cleaner burning fuel.

We’re celebrating as well.

In Galion, MotoMart, Speedway and Duchess gas stations were down as low as $1.37 a gallon on Tuesday morning before spiking to $1.55 per gallon Friday morning.

But $1.55 a gallon is still much lower than recent years.

And an industry expert gave us a big carrot this week by telling us that 99 cents for gas is possible later this year.

Low gas prices are a good thing.

Customers around the region are telling us that low gas prices are helping their bottom line.

And customers with more money to spend have more money to spend at local businesses, something that should make everyone happy.

We encourage national leaders to do what they can to work with their counterparts in the Middle East to keep this going.

– Galion Inquirer

- Galion Inquirer