Do you know what happened to the bench?

I am writing this letter to the editor of the Galion Inquirer hoping that I might find someone who would know what happened to the Children’s Home memorial bench and plaque located on the former Children’s Home property.

Several months ago, I brought my friend to Galion because she grew up at the Children’s Home and wanted to visit her former home. She was aware of the changes that had taken place and shared fond memories of living and working in Galion.

She was surprised to find that the memorial bench and plaque were no longer on the property. We spent the rest of our visit contacting the Historical Society and other groups who might have had some information.

We had no luck.

I have spent the last four months sending emails and communicating with various people in Galion-all of whom have been so pleasant and understanding of my purpose. To date I have no information, but have joined the Facebook group and have continued to follow any leads that I receive.

My friend was very happy to revisit her home of Galion and share her memories with me. I want to find out what happened to these memorial items and would appreciate any information that I can get.A big thank you to everyone that I have spoken to (numerous times) and to everyone who may forward information to me.

By the way, my friend turned out to be a well-traveled, loved and respected elementary school teacher. She positively affected hundreds of lives in her 25 year teaching career.

Thank you, Galion for helping her become the very best of the best.


Sheila Keeton

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