Thank you for Measure-Up Campaign

The local Knights of Columbus, St. Francis Council 1234, would like to thank the Galion community for their generous donations to our 2022 Measure-Up Campaign which occurred on April 29th & 30th.

We were able to collect $2,620 from the community and another $345 from our members “gimme five” program for a total of $2,965! This money will be used to support Special Needs children and adults throughout the State of Ohio with most of the money coming back locally to be used to help those in the greatest need in our area!

We would also like to thank Kristen Hinton, Mgr. of Wendy’s, Agi Kiss, Mgr. of Drug Mart, Don Barr, Pres. of GBL Bank and Joe Clime, Pres. of FFB of Ohio for allowing us to solicit funds at their respective businesses! Once again, we dedicate our efforts and respectfully honor Don Heimlich who ran this program successfully for several years until his passing on January 8th, 2020.

Michael Clouse, GK, PGK

Knights of Columbus — St. Francis Council 1234

Chairman – 2022 Measure-Up Campaig