Fentanyl, Morphine mix is deadly

Where to start? This is probably the hardest letter I’ve ever felt the need to write. Those of you who know me and my husband know we lost our son last July to his addiction. The thing I want to get out there for the public’s knowledge is the fact ,yes, our son fought his addiction and fell down, got up, fell and got up. Anyone who loves an addict knows this is how everyday life is and we hope and pray the falling down is less and less. Thought that was our case the falling down was few and far. We were so proud of him, take that back we “are” proud of him. Then a text on the day of his first paycheck/ new job followed by several more texts, I know this “after the fact I seen the text messages from that morning.” Well the addiction kicked in and he purchased here in Galion we lost our son that day. Recently something hit me as I was working. Where is the toxicology report? We’ve not ever received this. I called and had the report sent to us.

Ok this is really my intension for this letter. I’ve been told as I’ve talked to others they aren’t sure addicts would care? I can’t answer that for my son now but I do think if he had known what was being sold to him that morning he would have kicked himself in the butt and not gave that money to this local dealer. The toxicology reports shows he was sold a “bullet” small amount of his addiction drug and the amount of Fentanyl and Morphine mix was what actually took his life. Floored for a few days trying to get my thoughts back and doing some investigating on public records, I find that prior to my son there were several others with this same deadly mix here in Galion and it isn’t uncommon at all to see the toxicology reports show this mix. This is where I WANT to RING IN to anyone out there with an addiction “LISTEN” that dealer doesn’t care about you, yeah you think their your friend or they’ve never sold you a “bullet” before. Well yes friend they can and will and I do think it matters. Fall down, as long as you try and do get up, get the help you need. The deadly mixes are here and we do not want to hear of another person dying from this. Remember if you’re an addict that dealer sees you only as a paycheck nothing more! The amount of Fentanyl and Morphine being sold as other drugs are 100 percent lethal and on the streets here locally and everywhere. This is why ALL these dealers need to be accountable, they sell “bullets” in any form and they’ve taken a life this life is the same as anyone else, someone who is loved and missed by family and true friends should pay the penalty the same as any other cold-blooded killer out there on the streets.

Bless and be safe,

Dean and Ruth Ann Etzinger