Galion taking positive steps

Words aren’t as important as actions.

Galion has taken on a negative perception over the years as a town filled with skepticism.

And the perception does have its merits.

From the town’s current fiscal emergency status to questionable moves made by former city officials, it’s easy to be uncertain about current and future moves being made.

City officials have a high standard to fulfill.

And our job as a newspaper and your responsibility as citizens is to watch and make sure that standard is met.

We can assure you that we will always work towards that goal, no matter who city leadership and Council is.

So some skepticism is OK.

But we wonder sometimes if some of the skepticism in town is fueled by frustrations over what happened in the past.

Take the proposed hotel for example.

Having a major hotel in Galion is a great tool for economic development. When the doors open on the facility, it also opens the doors to events and opportunities for personal and business travelers to visit the city more.

Another positive step for the city is the creation of a Public information Officer position.

The city needs someone to be able to coordinate what information gets shared with the public and the media and to handle information requests.

And as the media, our responsibility lies with you the reader, not any one group.

Our job isn’t to only focus on what makes one group look good, our responsibility to you consists of sharing the things that are great about Galion and Crawford County and question what’s not going well throughout the area.

We don’t serve as a public relations firm for any particular group. Not all news is positive.

We hope the selection can represent the city in discussions online and offline, keep leadership focused on the task at hand and help the media do their jobs.

It’s a great way to keep Galion moving forward.

– Chris Pugh