We have a decision to make

We have a choice to make

Do you want America to look like Seattle and Portland? Democratic mayors will not enforce the law and let people riot and burn cities. Joe Biden wants your vote, but says voters do not have a right to know if he will pack the court.

Joe said at the last debate with Sanders there is no place for fracking in the Biden administration. He said he will do away with the Trump tax cuts. That means less jobs and more taxes.

President Trump had a great economy before Covid. Lowest unemployment rate for Blacks and Hispanics. America is now the largest producer of crude oil and coal exports. He passed fairer trade deals with Canada and Mexico that help farmers. He put a travel ban from China 10 days after the first Covid case and was criticized by Nancy Pelosi. She was telling people to come to San Francisco. He cut red tape to get vaccines approved. The best experts — Fauci and Berks — are working on the task force. Drug companies are producing vaccines so when trials are done and approved they can be distributed.

The stimulus bill that is held by Pelosi … she wants money to bail out states that give free college and education to illegals. She wants to re-write election laws to allow ballot harvesting, same day registration and no voter ID.

Judy Lawrence

Galion, Ohio