Reader wants yes to Issue 2, no to Issue 3

Letter to the Editor:

Save our Kids. Vote Yes on #2 & No on #3!

Give them God, not marijuana!

Will we allow the legalization of marijuana? It is the stepping stone to all other drugs! It and other drugs capture and render the lives of those who partake, and the lives of their loved ones: destroyed, unlivable, suicidal, dangerous, a tragedy, irresponsible, drug dependent, etc., etc. Look at the damage already done in Colorado: drug deaths, hospitalizations, teenage use. It only goes downhill from there! The law also sets up an touchable ‘Ohio drug cartel’, because it’s a constitutional amendment. It is truly unbelievable!

We ask that you talk to everyone you know across the state. Call and ask them to stand up, and speak up, or place a notice, or letter to the editor, or an ad in a local newspaper. Ask your Pastor, your Mayor, your councilman, your mailman, your superintendent, your club members and president, friends, and

neighbors to make a moral and wise choice against legalizing the use of marijuana. Put your hands and minds to this worthy endeavor. Bless the children! As a ‘Christian Patriot’, spread the truth and love. Pray that we may turn this nation back to—“One Nation Under God”

“God Bless America!” Make this your stand!

“From Citizen to Patriot, with a Christian Perspective”

Jim Erwin