Donations sought for Come Home to Galion

Come Home to Galion continues to be one of the family events that makes our hometown a great place to live. It is unique because it is purely a community celebration. We are not trying to raise money for a cause or support an organization. You can actually leave your wallet at home and bring your family to the square to enjoy food, entertainment, carriage rides, ice sculptures, historical sites, a parade, lighting of the community Christmas Tree and a visit with Santa! As the title of the event suggests, it is indeed a holiday celebration of our hometown!

I hope that your company, your organization or even you personally will be able to help support this event financially. More and more, the quality of life in Galion continues to center around our ability to do community and do it well. I trust you see the value in celebrations like Come Home to Galion and will be able to help with a contribution to make it possible. Our modest budget for the event is $3500. Would you be able to help provide some financial assistance in the amount of $50, $100, $200 or more to make this event an ongoing part of the Christmas season in our hometown? Please send your contribution by November 16 to: Come Home to Galion c/o Galion Community Foundation 135 Harding Way West Galion, OH 44833

We will be acknowledging our donors in print and by announcing their names from the viewing stand during the parade. Thank you for your part in helping to create a positive community atmosphere in Galion as we celebrate the Christmas season this year.

Paul Walter

Come Home to Galion Organizing Committee