Carefully look at life insurance policies

Look at any life insurance policies you may have.

We had a life insurance policy on our son and thought he was covered. Little did we know he wasn’t.

He was a rider on my wife’s policy for $10,000. He was 22 when he passed away. He turned 22 on March 30.

We called our insurance agent the day after he passed to verify we had insurance. They told us we did. The funeral home even contacted to verify coverage.

After the funeral had passed several weeks we received a letter in the mail from our insurance company stating that they were sorry about our son’s death but all coverage is being denied.

We dug the policy out and after reading fine print, it said the rider was up when he turned 22.

He turned 22 on March 30. They had sent us a bill and we paid in July without any notice the coverage had expired.

We did not receive any notice from our insurance company either that our policy had expired. They did not represent us very well. Check and read all fine print on any policies you may have.

Otherwise you may be in the same boat we are.

Dean Etzinger