Galion resident shares thoughts on her hometown

I was was born and raised in Galion, raised my children here, and moved to Florida for 20 years. I recently moved back and here are some thoughts in rhyming couplet pentammeter.


I love living in Galion for reasons

First, Florida had no real seasons

Summer here open windows and fresh air

Cool comforting nights to sleep like a bear

Three warm days then one or two colder

Warning that summer is growing older

I have missed the colorful autumn trees

The sight of leaves falling in the crisp breeze

Aren’t they supposed to fall by November?

Guess I’ve been gone too long to remember

Now I remember what mess the leaves make

But I’m not sure what I’ve done with the rake

Then there’s the lovely white stuff we call snow

Some dread it but I think it’s beautiful

Another reason I love living here

Is that my family and old friends are near

I even like the days when there’s no sun

I can make soup to share with someone

Or bake an apple pie, or maybe two

Then I’ll have one for me and one for you

I love that I may run into a friend

Even make plans to do something with them

I’m happy to say the pace is slower

I can call friends and invite them over

Twenty years sounds like a long time to roam

A long time to find; there’s no place like home.

Marjorie L. Miller