Put veterans and seniors first

Put veterans and seniors first

Some of our veterans are homeless, and seniors living on a fixed income sometimes have to choose between food and medicine.

Can we afford to take in 3,000 people and pay for their housing, health care, food stamps and education?

Do we want to ask someone barely able to make ends meet to pay more taxes for someone that broke our laws to get here?

We need a wall to keep out drugs, terrorists and MS13.

We need to do background checks on people who come here. We need to give work permits to those our companies need as workers.

People want to come here from all over the world. Can we afford to support everyone that wants to come here?

Do you want people encouraging the harassing of our cabinet members and senators in restaurants, shopping malls and gasoline stations? U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi said if there is collateral damage for those who do not share our views .. so be it.

We need to believe we are innocent until proven guilty, or do we want socialism like Cuba and Venezuela.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein still wants to investigate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He has already gone through six investigations. S

Some Democrats want to impeach President Trump. Is doing a good now now a grounds for impeachment?

We want Congress to work together for us and stop this foolishness.

AR Lawrence