Congrats to Galion on its release from fiscal emergency

The recent announcement about Galion being released from fiscal emergency is certainly good news for the community. To effectively manage the financial recovery from the events that preceded the city being placed in fiscal emergency, it took the efforts of many community leaders, and the full support of the residents of Galion, and they should all be commended.

I am certain there were valuable lessons learned with this experience. As with any education, one learns how to assess and use critical information in a more efficient and effective manner. As a result of this experience, the foundation of Galion, both in terms of finances and processes, has been significantly enhanced and should provide the basis for many more good things to come.

We have had a good relationship with the Galion community for many years and we look forward to seeing the residents and businesses continue to grow and prosper.

Again, to the Galion community, congratulations and thank you for allowing us to be a part of the growth and success of the community.

Donald R. Stone, President

United Bank, Division of The Park National Bank

Bucyrus Ohio