Divisiveness is not the answer to what is ailing America

I was very saddened when I read the letter that appeared in the Saturday issue of the Galion Inquirer, “Who is America’s worst enemy?”

The biggest problem with the United States is the divisivness that has been happening recently, like this letter.

We are all the people of the United States and we love our country!

Some of us are Republicans, some Democrats and some Independents. Some of us are white, some black, some brown, some red (American Indians) and some yellow (Asian). Some of us are heterasexual, some homosexual and some others. Some of us are Catholic Christians, some Protestant Christians (all Christians), some Jewish, some Muslims and some other and even atheists. Some are old and some young, some men and some women.

According to our Constitution, we are all created equal. We are the people of the United States of America!

To compare any of us to Nazi Germans is hateful and unacceptable!

And finally, in the words of Megan McCain at her father’s funeral: “America has always been great!”

Mary Ellen Heacock