Clinger’s Corner: It’s been too long folks

Chad Clinger Clinger’s Corner

Chad Clinger Clinger’s Corner

As I’m typing this, it is 3:45 a.m. Tuesday. It’s a good time to reflect, and it occurred to me last week that I haven’t put a Clinger’s Corner here in the Galion Inquirer for some time. Hopefully, some of you missed my occasional ramblings.

So here I go again.

After Saturday, June 2, the high school sports season will be over. Spring weather was a pain to deal with. Still it went so fast, and I know that I’m not the only one. I didn’t make it to as many games, meets, matches, etc. that I would have liked and for that, I apologize. I will be roasting alongside everyone else this weekend on the campus of The Ohio State University at the State Track and Field Championships.

Galion is sending five girls and Takoda Crisman, Crawford has a relay squad and Chad Johnson is making a repeat performance and Northmor’s Golden Knights also will be busy. Demetrious Johnson is going for his third state long jump title.

With Galion in Division II and Crawford and Northmor in Division III, I will find myself with a lot of breaks. I wonder if there will be any vegetarian food options for us media folk? It will probably be something delicious,but far from filling like peanut butter and jelly.

Hey, there’s a good transition hidden in there. I gave up meat cold turkey (pun intended). It just made sense to try it, again, as I have done it in the past. My lady is a vegetarian, and instead of trying to accommodate multiple diets I thought to myself, what could it hurt? The answer, of course, is nothing.

The meat alternative section of groceries have made great strides in recent years, and I would love to try every single one of them. It’s been fun creating meat-free pastas, meat-free pizza, meat-free casseroles and more and I have been dazzling my beautiful woman with my superior kitchen prowess. Do most women like that in a partner? I also do a mean load of laundry and wash the heck out of some dishes but, I’ve impressed the only one that I want.

I also have gotten into couponing! I don’t know why the entire world, regardless of financial status, isn’t clipping from the paper, printing off the interwebs or snagging those catalina coupons at the register. Do you have so much money that you don’t want to save more? If so, you can donate any and/or all of it to the get Chad Lasik eye surgery fund. Seriously though, it is crazy expensive and it’s something that I have wanted done since I was 18 years old as I have been wearing glasses and/or contacts since I was in the third grade.

Summer is upon us, or at least summer weather is. That means that we are smack dab in the middle of baseball season. The majors are about a third of the way through their grueling, 162-game season and The Boston Red Sox — you know, the best team in the world — are doing pretty well. Unfortunately, so are the Yankees.

Also, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Atlanta Braves are playing solid baseball? When the heck did that happen? The Cleveland Indians lead the American League Central Division while continuing to teeter back and forth with a .500 record. That’s the fantastic thing about America’s Past Time, you never quite know what you’re going to get.

Anyway, the Galion Graders will kick off their season shortly and are primed to play their first home game at Heddleson Field on Tuesday, June 12. I’m pumped to hear the crack of the wooden bats echoing through Heise Park. Plus, with school being out for the summer, I need something to cover. Yours truly is jazzed to spend numerous summer evenings with my v-necks, jorts and flip-flops in my comfy chair at Heise Park.

Come on over and we can debate if the play was an error or a hit, I can tell you why you should change your diet or show you the ways of the couponing. Also, download the IBotta app on your phone and start getting rebates for stuff that you already buy. Ask me for my referral code and we can be savings buddies. I know, sounds awesome right?

Clinger’s Corners will be a busy place in the coming months. So stay tuned. If you have any ideas for an interesting story, contact me. If you want me to check out a little leaguer that packs a nasty game in a four-foot frame, contact me. I need to get back into the swing of things and any assistance would be more than welcomed.

Finally, if you haven’t heard it anywhere else today from anyone else today. I appreciate you! You made it to the end of this which means the world to me. If you knew to skip to the end to wrap it up before you began, I appreciate the intelligence but just read it next time. Without all of you, this column, as well as my take on sports, would be nothing!

Chad Clinger Clinger’s Corner Clinger Clinger’s Corner

Email Chad at, follow him on Twitter @GalionSportsGuy or call 419-468-1117, ext. 2048

Email Chad at, follow him on Twitter @GalionSportsGuy or call 419-468-1117, ext. 2048