Letter to the editor

Did they steal our nation, or did we give it away?

Democrats: I respected you until you let the liberals take your party and make a “Hate America Party” out of it.

Republicans: The liberals walk on our freedoms like trash. Christian patriots, it’s time to stand and fight for what is good, constitutional and Godly.

First we must be able to admit that we have been played. It takes a strong, smart and introspective person to admit and grasp, how and why liberals have manipulated us with emotions to make their lies sound true, and into supporting a corrupt and evil scheme.

Their biggest lies were to steal our First Freedom, the right to life.

They said it was ‘just unwanted tissue.’ They lied. You can’t feel bad about ‘just unwanted tissue” being removed. Another lie, met by silence.

But, we all knew it was a defenseless little baby, a real person with its own personal DNA, an individual like no other, but it couldn’t speak for itself and we were silent.

We all knew!

But, before we could find the words, they said it was a woman’s choice, a woman’s right. They emoted that it was her right to choose. That was another lie.

In reality it was not her right. She had made a dozen bad choices before the choice became a life, or death, choice.

Murder should never be a choice. We all know that, and we said nothing. We were not wrong because we were democrats or republican, but because we knew better: as human beings, as moral people, as responsible people, as Christians. Everybody knows that, even Supreme Court justices know that. And we all said nothing. And it became law of the land by judicial edict. And it was all emotional lies, a hateful sin, a liberal Holocaust. There are 60 million dead.

And it’s all our fault.

We can make this right. We can force Congress to address and change this by law. We can educate the young about all of the choices, the facts, the morals, the love and responsibilities to and for each other and our fellow man. It’s all part of God’s love.

Liberalism hates all that is good. God (removing and silencing, from the public view), morals (abortion murder and promoting sexual perversion), family (perverting marriage and allowing perverts into your daughter’s locker room and restrooms), responsible freedoms (allowing illegals to come, commit crimes, have sanctuary, vote, take jobs, go on welfare, go to college on our dime etc.) and the USA, which tripled our debt, doubled the cost of health care, violated our constitution, their oath of office, and our laws, etc..

Liberalism is the great destroyer.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German theologian, who helped plan a Hitler assassination attempt, wrote: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Stand up America and fix this,

“God Bless You” and “God bless America”!

Jim Erwin