Letter: Galion school board’s grandiose plans too expensive

Galion school board’s grandiose plans too expensive

The Galion school board has grandiose plans for the future. I am not sure the people of Galion want — or can afford — what they have in mind.

They want to build a 15-bay bus shelter and a bus wash station. They want a 500-seat auditorium. They want a matching band practice field, a soccer practice field, a soccer court, a wrestling room and a girl’s softball field. They also want a regulation 400-meter track and a 225-feet by 345-feet soccer field with a press box.

I think the school board needs to have a meeting with the residents of Galion. Let us decide what we want and how it will impact the neighbors.

I am urging you to attend the next Galion City Council meeting on Feb. 13, at 7 p.m., and find how the school board is going to pay for all these improvements.

J.A. Lawrence