Guest column: City law director ask for support Tuesday

Friends, serving as director of law the last four years in my hometown has been one of the great honors of my life. From the outset, I have worked diligently to earn the trust you placed in me to provide efficient, legal support for the city and its officials and to serve without regard to special interests or groups.

During the last four years, I have used my background in economic development to assist efforts which have generated millions of dollars in development and public improvement projects. That experience has allowed much of this work to be done in my office instead of using consultants. This has meant that at the same time we have seen new jobs arrive, taxpayers have been saving money.

Speaking of cost savings, I also chose from the beginning of my term to not fill a legal assistant position, while still providing quick response times for document preparation and legal review.

During my first weeks in office, I oversaw the revision of Galion’s Codified Ordinances, which had not been updated to reflect the new form of government, even though seven months had transpired since that government took office. Since then, I have worked with city council to modernize and streamline regulations which created unncecssary confusion and provide hurdles for citizens and businesses considering investment in Galion.

Over the next four years, I plan on continuing these successful efforts and others. This includes completing an ongoing geographic indexing project for city legal records, a move which will allow city departments to provide quicker and more effective service to citizens and businesses.

A bright future for Galion is tied to keeping our doors open for investment by current and prospective businesses and by families. Growing our economy is the most effective way to keep utility rates low and provide a great quality of life for our residents.

Galionites, I urge you to choose a positive path for the future. I seek your support in that effort and respectfully ask for your vote on Nov. 7.

Thank you.

Thomas Palmer is director of law for the city of Galion

Thomas Palmer is director of law for the city of Galion