Important election coming in November

Important election coming in November

I spent a term on Galion City Council and have been following city government since then and have observed several of the candidates in action.

I recommend Ken Bodkins for the mayor’s position. Ken has been a small business owner for more than 50 years, offering jobs to other citizens. He was a councilman-at-large on Galion City Council. He also has served on Galion’s Planning and Zoning Commission. This past summer, he held several gatherings where he asked people for suggestions to make Galion a better place to live. Involving the citizens will be an improvement over the present administration.

I recommend Thomas Palmer for law director, Susan Bean for auditor and Gail Baldinger for Galion City Council.

On the school board, there are two open seats and only one candidate on the ballot. I recommend that you write in Mike Mateer for the other seat. Deb Donaldson and Mike Mateer will add experience and logic to the school board. Deb has been very active in the education of her grandchildren. Mike is a retired army major with good organizational abilities.

Dave Smith