Clinger’s Corner: The pursuit of (more) happiness

What does happiness mean to you? Is it a monetary thing? Family? Friends?

Do you struggle with even knowing what happiness truly means to you?

Believe me, I have found myself in that same boat holding a broken oar a few times. So, while dealing with my usual debate of what to speak on for this column, I took a deeper look into my happiness. I will keep it short this week, but if you ever want to talk music or talk about anything, I am here.

My birthday is Thursday. I will be 33 years old, and over time, like everyone else, I have had more than my fair share of ups, downs and all-arounds. If I have learned anything in my time on Earth, it is to always try to find that silver lining, to look on the bright side, etc. Because in case you haven’t heard this in a while, things could always be worse.

If you are a weekly reader of my verbal display of emotion, you know my family and friends are the fountain of happiness from which I find the will to keep going. I, however, don’t talk often enough about my escape from the sadness, from a sometimes bitter reality … music.

Lately, with all that is set to transpire, I have been holding back more emotions and thoughts than I could ever care to admit. It’s not healthy folks! Sure, it’s not always easy to “let it all out” and have yourself a cry, or a loud shout at the rain, but the bottling-up alternative can drive a seemingly sane person to a breaking point. When it all gets to be too much, it’s gone too far.

That point has occurred far too often recently in my life. I am fine, I am, but I have been dealing with a lot and, as a shock to myself, have not been able to fully reconcile the cluster of thoughts, fears and emotions contained in the space between my ears. This is also the first time that I have put that out there and it seems weird for me to read it aloud to myself.

So, queue the music…

There is so much depth and value in music. It can set you free or bring you back down to Earth, depending on what you are listening to or what you are trying to accomplish. Until recently, I had somewhat detached myself from music simply because popular, mainstream music seems to be everywhere. I am not a fan of 99 percent of that nonsense.

What’s a lost man to do?

Make a list, a list of songs that have a deeper meaning to you. Maybe it’s a song that you heard for the first time when you met a certain person. Are you ready for the feeling of going back? Will that help? Who knows? But I know this, you are in control!

If everything in life seems to be too much to stomach, you can control what you hear by simply wearing headphones and forgetting about the trials and tribulations that may surround you.

Sometimes being lost isn’t the worst thing in the world if you’re lost within a soundtrack.

By Chad Clinger [email protected] Chad Clinger [email protected]


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