Clinger’s Corner: The new what next

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Walt Disney said, “we keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Lately, I have found myself thinking more about my future than I can recall ever doing so. For as far back as I can remember, I have always been a “go with the flow” kind of guy. Life throws me lemons, I enjoy lemonade but only if I can share that delicious beverage with a friend.

You see, I have never been one to do much on my own. I am about to be 33-years young and have lived on my own, without a significant other, just once. Even then, I had a significant other but she lived on the other side of the state and distance between hearts is about as successful as flying a kite during a hurricane.

It was a strange experience, solitude. I was younger then and cared about little. There were no factors that weighed in on my decisions other than what I was going to order from Taco Bell after one-too-many adult sodas. I, in my later years, realized that I never formed whatever it is inside of me to make life-altering decisions. At my roots, I am still a scared, early-20s young man, trying to figure out his place in the world and I am not sure that this nagging feeling will ever fully subside.

So, with the foundation laid, let’s construct or self-destruct because only time, the fickle mistress that she is, will tell…

I, along with the myriad of other thoughts that I bottle up inside, feel that I am meant for something bigger, that I have a larger purpose during my limited time here on Earth. What exactly? Who really knows? But, I know that my small-town bones ache for a larger than life experience. I am often able to push this thought to the back of my convoluted mind but a recent conversation with Chris and Mike over a delicious, Ohio craft beer from the Phoenix Brewing Company in Mansfield sent it to the forefront. To you both, I appreciate the advice and the push!

The idea is often the easiest part of a plan for me though. You see, I have a wild and extravagant imagination and no clues on how to pursue the lofty endeavors that I manifest in my always functioning brain. But, with Chris and Mike’s advice and a newly discovered “why not” attitude, maybe it’s time that I finally follow through and take strides towards living my dream.

And what is that dream? Good question that you may or may not be asking! I want to write more, about everything in general but baseball mainly. I possess this longing to have baseball be my life. Waking up baseball, working in baseball, breathing baseball. It has, without a doubt, been far too long since I have fully attempted to put pen-to-pad or, in this day and age, words-to-screen. At this moment, it is in the research phase as far as the baseball portion goes. As for the other madness, it’s just simply now or never. Anyone that has ever really taken the time to get to know me and partake in a real conversation with me knows that I have plenty to say but am not a fan of forcing mediocrity, but…

…I need to dig deeper to find the drive. My supporting cast in my life’s movie deserves the most prestigious of accolades. And to you all, be it best friends, family or anyone that dares tread the wavy waters of the ocean, the most sincere and abundant of thank yous! I am not starting this marathon towards happiness and fulfillment alone because of all of you and no words could ever express my full gratitude that I have that you all stuck around.

It may not happen today, it may take the rest of my life but my voice will be heard. My passion transcribed into the subjects and predicates dancing effortlessly across the pages, contained within the spine of the book held by anticipating hands. Originality is far from dead and gone and new ideas — albeit it unpronounced — still exist. They are within me and you and everyone that you know or have yet to meet. I will no longer accept selling myself short. I will no longer “keep quiet.” I WILL!

Chad Clinger

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Follow Chad on Twitter @GalionSportsGuy

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